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  1. God I'd love to see that handling and RWD in a huge ice storm.
  2. When I think of used Volvos I think of what's in my garage, in my families garage, and in this forum. I've seen some BEATEN to hell Volvos out there. But they're diamonds in the rough, they're still reliable. They're just dirty, or dented, which isn't the fault of the car manufacturer. The previous owner chose to abuse it. All of BMW's common faults I mentioned are of poor quality in my opinion. They'll happen regardless of ownership. Like the ABS module crap we Volvo owners have to deal with. It's a super easy fix that takes less than an hour to do, but it's still a QUALITY issue. BMW is full of similar quality issues is my point.
  3. My Volvo doesn't make any odd noises at all inside, and the trim and finishes look great. I did have a dash rattle when I first got it. But I quickly and easily fixed it, and it's been silent since. And thank Dave for that awesome signature quote.
  4. Every BMW I've driven is NOT quality. Initially, they're impressive. After a few years, they're a quality stuff. Coil pack failures, MAF failures, SAS failures, idle issues galore, SMG transmission is CRAP, iDrive is an ultimate drivers nightmare having to monkey around with it just to change something. Their interior pieces creak and rattle and the satin finish peels off, the clear plastics always get cloudy. Yadda yadda yadda. And who the hell wants to see their exact same car every other car?! It's like a German Honda. Over hyped, cock driving, tinker toys. ...Sorry, I'll never have anything positive to say about German cars, or their drivers, or Germans. Must be the Poland heritage in me. ...And I purposely said Poland instead of Polish, cause I don't want any sausage wittyness. So :P
  5. Hey, if he has to compensate for whatever, let him. One less BMW asshole having to settle for a lesser Volvo. And one more nicer Volvo for the people who appreciate it for it not being a dime a dozen BMW.
  6. That's so strange, I have NEVER had an issue with the police about my front plate. I've lived in San Antonio for 8 years too, nothing there either. I have always had a europlate (up till now) on my Volvo and on my Passats before the Volvo too. Nada.
  7. I tried that, the paint comes off super easy off the head of the screws. I plugged the holes with some quick set epoxy, made sure it was perfectly smooth, then painted it. Worked great, looks great.
  8. WOW!~ I bet he can't drive for stuff tho! :P :lol:
  9. That looks like a whimpy jack. Be careful! Use jack stands!! :o
  10. Nope, and WHAT?! I'm out of date with the VS news Justin... someone please update me!
  11. Most involved job I've done so far has been dropping the subframe, removing the transmission, and replacing the RMS. It was easy, but there were a few times I was sweating my ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD off from the weight of some parts, and the awkward positions I had to manoeuvre myself into. AH! I've been half tuned out, sorry. I still don't know the details on the RAREST of the RARE Grey R of yours!
  12. HUH???! I'm replacing the valve stem SEALS. Not the valves. The whole job looks REALLY easy. I'm just waiting for the parts, should be here Wednesday. And my last day of work is Friday, so I'll be able to take my time with it. I was going to pull the head off... but this saves me so much time, and I wont have to mess with the head, intake and exhaust gaskets! Blah! I thought you bought the white R too.
  13. Grades posted. I managed to get 4 A's. Apple juice time for ill me. Awesome 850 Dave!! I'm dying to see more pics and an official thread for your two new R's! And a DIY teaser: I'm going to be replacing my Valve Stem seals, with the head ON, without the use of compressed air. I have an awesome tech tip from my local Volvo Dealer. Saw an S90 being done last week, looks really easy! Also the Timing belt, wasserpumpe, pulleys and tensioner next weekend. DIY in the works from Nathan!
  14. In that wheat pic thread? Awww, but you were just joking around! :( What's with the hippy thing anyhow? Is it just for anyone from CA??
  15. Finals are OVER! BUT... I think I wore myself out, cause now I'm sick. I hate taking sick days, when I'm really sick. And it's so nice outside, I have my window open. If I didn't get horribly watery eyes, sneeze attacks that seem to go on for minutes, and endless boogers from hell, I'd go wash my car and do something. But no... it's just me, a pile o laundry, a humidifier, Sudafed PE, Benadryl, and a box of Kleenex.
  16. HELL NO! I'm not interested in wasting time Justin. ...Who cares? :rolleyes:
  17. I didn't think I had been "gone" I guess I've found a life outside of VS. ...Who'd have imagined that nonsense for me?!
  18. That's where mine goes up to also. Here's a pictar fer ya. Oh and PERFECT conditions in TEXAS right now.
  19. Was it Justin?! :o I didn't know he went door to door selling magazines!
  20. Hmmmmmph! I don't show my wood to just anyone.