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  1. Wife had a car accident in her w202 Last year and wanted another Mercedes. Couldn’t find a kept up clean c230 kompressor sport like she had in our price range. Came across this w124. This is our 3rd w124
  2. trade for a set of snowtires and wheels?
  3. i cant pm. i updated my email addy and can validate it from my email.
  4. in minnesota...dont they make you pay cash on the time of the ticket? i got locked up over a lame speeding ticket in MN. gonig like 5 or 6 over ...tells me to pay 95 dollars so i can go. i didn't have 95 dollars cash on me or even in the bank. i got locked up over night till i could see a judge. i refuse to step foot in MN again.
  5. thats exactly like my car but i paid 3,000 for it
  6. sh1t happens. the R looks like a easy fix. fix the car and drive another day. also if you got the funds get a lawyer..not just to see what you can do about your accident..but to protect yourself from the other driver. they took off with no police on scene and went to the hopsital..who knows what they could try
  7. are they rusted on? they should just fall off. is your car a awd?
  8. i wonder if you did get rearended the other driver could say they couldn't see the brake lights
  9. daym thats dark. can light get through in the daytime?