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  1. I doubt it, when you get into higher-end server hosting you can generally pick either Linux or Windows hosts. Besides, I've worked with Liquidweb a fair bit and they don't seem that miserly.
  2. Sweet! Now if I was a supporting member I could store four-five uncompressed images on Volvospeed! :D
  3. Out of curiosity, has the new throttle body hose been tapered up a little more so it is snug in the plastic pipe to the intercooler?
  4. That was me, I wish this board would force you to login. :|
  5. I don't believe that it has an ounce of intelligence for making decisions about this. It looks like it just finds articles with Volvo or a model number and pastes them here.
  6. S40 = Jetta C30 = Golf I M H O (this darn filter of words!)
  7. Ditto, I haven't had him rebuild mine but I have seen a lot of great feedback about him.
  8. I still have flood protection. :angry:
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