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  1. looking for 95 front seat skin/cover

  2. Very nice and rare wagon!! It is is nice to see such a car well cared for. Can't wait to see pix of those upgrades/work.
  3. Thanks Greg and Slater!!!!! Can't wait to put them on and get rid of that clunky noise....
  4. Hi Slater, could you let me know if i am in (G-MOney or Geoffrey Beliard or maybe Ted Gunal). thanks, Geoffrey
  5. So George, who is the other guy in WA with a yellow wagon that was crashed.....
  6. So answer is that the wagon yellow t5r or what????
  7. so is your Dan, the one with the other yellow 855 T5-R in the area? let us know and could you provide Spence and I his email/ thanks, G
  8. I wil be there for sure!!!! where is bcc by the way?
  9. what link on VS? SPecials and reviews? I need them bad.....
  10. For sure, so 3pm at Magnusson Park? Next to those big hangars on the left of the park?
  11. So, should we put it off until 10/15 so George can attend and maybe some other folks (including our friends from CAN)?
  12. so should we meet at magnusson? like 2ish.....
  13. ok, i like the RAM idea.....like 2-3pm?
  14. What time are we meeting up? How about mid afternoon so we can go grab a beer after the shoot. As far as location, we could do Kev's idea or Magnusson is always a good spot.