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  1. The grey poupon makes this car. Jk. The jag looks nice. Still can't believe that's a celica.
  2. This is the problem. The people who do the work in Poland are legit. The US installer is not very good.
  3. I was in a similar position as you - getting too old for this shit. I had koni yellows with iPd springs and the ride quality was terrible. I switched to H&R springs, which provided a decent drop and excellent ride comfort. I've had a number of setups over the years including stock struts with H&R springs, stock struts with B&G springs, custom coilovers, koni yellows with iPd springs, and now the Koni yellows with H&Rs. I think you will be very happy with the H&Rs.
  4. Hey I remember you. Didn't you have a level 10 trans in your 850R?
  5. Welcome back! The Rs look great.
  6. bulimia party!!!
  7. It's made by New South Performance. I got it because it matches the stock gauges perfectly. http://www.newsouthperformance.com/shop/gauges/vw-white-30-inhg-30-psi-boost-gauge/
  8. Bro. You forgot the vape. Bro.
  9. Installed a boost gauge and tune in my GLI. And washed the T5R.
  10. You can buy replacement bulbs from radioshack. They are less than a dollar a piece. The bulbs do not come with the plastic base installed, so you have to remove the existing bulb from the base and install the new bulb. It's very easy.
  11. Inside joke. Many years ago I had the company that picked up this wagon, Rob's Towing, paint an R bumper for my yellow car. Josh had recommended the shop to me, and the office manager was this burly lady named Adourna. The shop ended up having to repaint the bumper a total of 3 times because each time the job wasn't done right. When I picked it up the first time, the bumper had cracks in the paint, so they repainted it a second time. Then, the paint started cracking like two weeks after I installed the bumper. So they repainted it a third time. A few months after that....you guessed it, the paint cracked again. I gave up at that point.
  12. Yes. Then she walked into my garage and kicked the R bumper on my yellow, cracking the paint.
  13. Parked in my garage :)
  14. Can you believe Dave has 2 kids now? Crazy. I've got one too. I sold my wagon last week. Getting shipped to FL.