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  1. Odd tire rubbing location

    Correct. I've experienced this as well on my T5R.
  2. Black suede headliner

    They won't fit.
  3. Reminder that there is a meet this weekend on Sunday, May1, from 11am-2pm at Shake Shack in King of Prussia, PA. More info on FB page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1519522298350662/
  4. Black suede headliner

    They don't exist.
  5. Did some things to the Olive.....

    Did u reinforce the new dash mounts????
  6. 850 Dash Pad - Charcoal - Good condition

    Still looking. Bump.
  7. LED License Plate Bulbs

    Nice. I'm looking for pure white, 5000k.
  8. LED License Plate Bulbs

    Ok, they're way too bright. LOL. Opposite of the "too dim" problem I was trying to avoid.Site advertises200 lumens, which in hindsight I should have known would be too bright. It's actually made worse by the color of my car since the white makes the light look even brighter.I'm going to look for some decent194 LED bulbs instead of a PCB typewith 194 adapter. Here aresome comparison pics between my yellow (serge's LEDs) and swagon (LEDs i just bought). Maybe I can use these LEDs somewhere in the interior.
  9. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Tizio came over?
  10. Hey Gary

    Gary is now eligible for social security and AARP. Happy bday!!!!!!!!!!
  11. LED License Plate Bulbs

    $11 ea plus shipping.
  12. LED License Plate Bulbs

    For future reference, I ended up ordering these:http://www.vleds.com/diy2-6-hp-c.html
  13. LED License Plate Bulbs

    I would order from superbrightleds but they do not have the pcb style LEDs that I'm looking for.
  14. LED License Plate Bulbs

    The place Mat linked me to is apparently out of stock. Any other suggestions before I turn to ebay?
  15. The Nec Thread

    I had fun too. Let's do it again sometime.