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  1. Ok! Look for a steering wheel too please!!
  2. Alrighty, looks like the trim piece for the left side (the broken one pictured in my first post) is NLA from Volvo. Just my luck. Anyone have that piece unbroken? Plus the little black cap that covers the hole?
  3. I wish I had the time :(
  4. Anyone know the part numbers for these trim pieces? They fit into the sides of the upper half of the 850 dashboard. Thanks.
  5. bump. still looking.
  6. Handling is great, big improvement over stock. Hard to say how much improvement the springs made by themselves, though, since I have several other suspension mods. Compared to my stock 855R, it's night and day. My biggest concern in choosing a suspension has been ride quality, and the H&Rs provide an excellent balance between performance, drop, and comfort IMO.
  7. Here you go, @RBoy8 . H&R springs on koni yellows.
  8. open to offers on this.
  9. pics added. price reduced.
  10. Selling a used precision FMIC. Model no. 053-1005. Rated for 350 hp. Overall dimensions: 26 3/4"L X 6 1/4"H X 3 1/2"D Retails for $300. I am selling for SOLD!!!. FMIC is in good condition. More info here: http://www.precisionturbo.net/heat-exchangers/air-to-air/details/Universal-Front-Mount-Air-to-Air-Intercooler---350HP/393 Pics:
  11. It's also called drift season
  12. Yeah. The car is currently on jackstands for my i/c and rad install. I'll try to snap some pics once it's back on the ground.