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  1. This is exactly me every time I drive my car 😄
  2. Yes. PVL Auto Detailing and Daycare.
  3. lol i bet. I think we're finished at 2, unless I double my salary. I have tremendous respect for anyone with 3 or more kids.
  4. www.dadspeed.com It gets worse with 2 kids. We bought a VW Atlas because our Rav4 was too small. Highly recommend the Atlas btw.
  5. I just bought this a few months ago. Very happy with it.
  6. ROFL. I'd love to pick up an RS3 in the next few years.
  7. That's gorgeous. Looks perfect with the e-code turns. Miles?
  8. The pics are still there. I don't have the time to rehost them. You can get around the photobucket block by installing a plugin on chrome. I use this one: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-hotlink-fix/kegnjbncdcliihbemealioapbifiaedg?hl=en Alternatively, you can view the entire album of dash repair pics here: http://s104.photobucket.com/user/iamawass/library/Dash Repair
  9. I am not a fan of the 034 insert. It eliminated wheel hop and smoothed shifting, but transferred too much vibration to the cabin, so i took it out. This is on my 14 GLI with DSG, so take it with a grain of salt. Agreed on the JB4 - love mine.
  10. haven't done much to the yellow other than drive it occasionally. on the vw, i had the roof and window trim wrapped in black vinyl
  11. Nebulas come in 18" only. If those wheels are 17" then they are replicas.