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  1. Selling a new blower motor for 850 models. May fit other P80 cars - check part numbers. The unit is a Behr, which is the OEM brand. I purchased this new from FCP but sold the car before installing it. https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/volvo-blower-motor-850 Sells on FCP for $157.99. I will let it go for $135 shipped conus via paypal. Thanks.
  2. BS. Can you imagine the monthly payment? It would be stupid.
  3. I didn't know those came AWD. Cool.
  4. Do you have any pics of the new 8ga lines? I need to do a similar fix for a bundle of small gauge ground wires, so I'm looking for ideas.
  5. Sorry about the loss. This is my biggest fear when I take out my T5R. If someone hits me, it will likely total the car, and finding a comparable replacement will be nearly impossible. I really need to get an agreed value insurance policy.
  6. Your headgasket is leaking and needs to be replaced. Exhaust gas is getting into the cooling system which is causing the problems you've described.
  7. ^^^ u better come regardless of weather!! i'll be there, most likely in the T5R. But if it rains, I may decide to bring my VW so I can show off my vag.
  8. The grey poupon makes this car. Jk. The jag looks nice. Still can't believe that's a celica.
  9. This is the problem. The people who do the work in Poland are legit. The US installer is not very good.
  10. I was in a similar position as you - getting too old for this shit. I had koni yellows with iPd springs and the ride quality was terrible. I switched to H&R springs, which provided a decent drop and excellent ride comfort. I've had a number of setups over the years including stock struts with H&R springs, stock struts with B&G springs, custom coilovers, koni yellows with iPd springs, and now the Koni yellows with H&Rs. I think you will be very happy with the H&Rs.
  11. Hey I remember you. Didn't you have a level 10 trans in your 850R?
  12. bulimia party!!!
  13. It's made by New South Performance. I got it because it matches the stock gauges perfectly. http://www.newsouthperformance.com/shop/gauges/vw-white-30-inhg-30-psi-boost-gauge/