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  1. Handling is great, big improvement over stock. Hard to say how much improvement the springs made by themselves, though, since I have several other suspension mods. Compared to my stock 855R, it's night and day. My biggest concern in choosing a suspension has been ride quality, and the H&Rs provide an excellent balance between performance, drop, and comfort IMO.
  2. Here you go, @RBoy8 . H&R springs on koni yellows.
  3. open to offers on this.
  4. I bought an iPd RIP kit several years ago and just got around to installing it. I only ended up using the upper pipe (hot side) since I have already have piping and a BOV on the lower/cold side. So I'm selling the lower half of the kit, which is brand new. Fits all 1994-1998 850/x70 w/ turbo. The whole kit retails for $399 + shipping. I'm selling the lower half for $SOLDDD. You get everything pictured, including brand new t-bolt clamps. You can easily make your own hot side pipe by buying a 90 degree aluminum bend, straight pipe, and some silicone couplers off eBay.
  5. Yes, a couple years ago. Thanks for the tips so far. I'll run by the hardware store for some longer bolts. Anyone else have any thoughts?
  6. I just installed a do88se aluminum intercooler and radiator. I have AC so there is also an AC condensor installed. I'm having some trouble getting the fan shroud sit flush against the header panel (thing that holds the headlights). It seems like the rad + i/c are a little too thick and are pushing the fan shroud out too far, which is preventing the screws from going in. Has anyone else run into this issue? If so, how did you get around it? Trim the fan shroud? Longer fan shroud mounting bolts? Pics:
  7. pics added. price reduced.
  8. I picked up an old cargo gate for my 855R and I'm wondering whether anyone has installation instructions. This gate is an older model that uses a different mounting setup than I'm used to seeing. There are no hydraulic parts, only latches. I also suspect I may be missing some mounting parts, which is another reason I'm looking for instructions. Here's what I've got (that's not my ugly green carpet): In the below diagram, I have the gate labeled "Alter 1." Of the various parts, I have a handful of screws, I have #2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 8 (incl 6 & 7). I do not think I have #10 or 11. Anyone have any insight on installation? Thanks. Edit: I think I am missing all of the brackets in this picture. Crap. NLA from Volvo.
  9. Selling a used precision FMIC. Model no. 053-1005. Rated for 350 hp. Overall dimensions: 26 3/4"L X 6 1/4"H X 3 1/2"D Retails for $300. I am selling for $180 shipped conus. FMIC is in good condition. More info here: http://www.precisionturbo.net/heat-exchangers/air-to-air/details/Universal-Front-Mount-Air-to-Air-Intercooler---350HP/393 Pics:
  10. It's also called drift season
  11. Yeah. The car is currently on jackstands for my i/c and rad install. I'll try to snap some pics once it's back on the ground.
  12. I have a set of the old style brackets laying around somewhere. The updated mounting kit is far superior, though. It's a shame that the kit is NLA.
  13. IMO the iPd springs ride like shit, regardless of strut.