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Status Updates posted by Oreo931

  1. LOL @ black/red abortion

  2. what what? in the butt.

  3. buy another volvo plz

  4. The office is a great show B)

  5. Where have you been? :(

  6. What? A dildo shift knob?

  7. o hai

    1. Chilled man
    2. gmsgltr
    3. 855RGurl


      Long time No talk, how goes it?? Hope you are well!!

  8. FEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

  9. At least they aren't painted puke green :P

  10. OMG FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    oh nvm, thats just your hair.

  11. You have bottles of Man-Juice in your refrigerator.

  12. www.penisland.net

    for all your penisland needs!!!

  13. 850R Front Lip Plz.


  14. Can you send me the instruction manual for thermostat gasket replacement? I took week off work so I could get the job done. Thanks.

  15. gimme ur jewels

  16. Change your name back to Chilled Man...this one sux0rz

  17. YOU thought something I sent you was nasty?!?!? Oh shit! I deserve a fucking trophy!

  18. You eat dicks for breakfast.

  19. Dude, i cant believe you get off to www.hai2u.com

    thats so nasty!

  20. hahahah thats so gross!! tubgirl is NOT hot. well, she is hot if her rancid diarrhea is hot cause its all over her body.

  21. TubGirl called me, she said she thinks you are really cute.