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  1. Welcome to VS. as another member has stated, i can only hope you lean towards genuine Volvo parts more than the inferior Scantech type parts.
  2. Hey buddy, how are the repairs going on the boat?

  3. US Coast Guard, i went to the recruiter. best thing i've ever done
  4. A few pics of Dutch Harbor in the last month or two.
  5. I will have to agree with Charles here. the Servicemans General Life Insurance policy is now a minimum of $450,000 and you can opt for more for very cheap. we just had four members die on thursday afternoon, and i can assure you that their families will be taken care of very well. i'm not saying that money can replace a father/husband, but the families will be able to support themselves. also, an E-7 with 20 in gets a pension of $1600 plus bennies. i know it's not near what congress get's, but the number in your email are off, so take it with a grain of salt.
  6. So here is my view on Palin. she was a nobody 15 years ago, she joined the local PTA because she was unhappy with the way things were being run. she then continued her climb to mayor of Wasilla. she did a good job there and ran for Governor. she won, and cleaned house, ridding alot of corruption and doing away with alot of frivolous spending. now she is running for VP. She fishes, she hunts. her husband is a fisherman, she has 5 kids, a son that is ENLISTED, and a pregnant 17 y.o. daughter. if you take her out of the picture, her family is pretty much a normal family up here. there are no whit
  7. So far she has done fine as the Gov. if McCain were to die while in office, i would have no problem with her as the pres. i think this was a good move for the republicans.
  8. loaded it down with four people, a cooler, three fishing rods, and a trailer with two 4-wheelers and took it into the mountains. i really love my car on days like today :)
  9. I got to replace #2 coilpack in a Best Buy parking lot after running all holiday weekend on 4 cylinders. and last week i got a new transmission, and the week before that i replaced #1 coilpack in a hotel parking lot. i'm not too thrilled with my car right now.
  10. Works fine for me with Vista and FF. i love the preview, thanks!
  11. uscgc70

    2003 XC70

    My Cross Country
  12. This is why I am Liking Alaska more and more. Gun control consists of don't take your weapon to government buildings, i.e. schools, and the court house, everything else is fine, concealed or not. and there is almost no crime here. I don't know if this island is the exception or a good testing grounds, but from my viewpoint it works pretty well here.
  13. It's not permanent. we had our first snow the first week of October, before that it looked like this
  14. Here's some i took on wednesday when i went to NY. taken with a cheap 3 yr old HP