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  1. fastboy

    Old Man Crew

    Can I get in early, aside from helper glasses I'm there.
  2. fastboy

    Funny Gif Thread

    They are near Front Hill Rd, I think it's the last house before you get to the beach on that road. Their last name is Braden, they only stay for September, they have been doing this for about the past 5 or 6 years.
  3. fastboy

    Funny Gif Thread

    yes. or in that area. the house is on that road and another one is further up the hill. They also were there when the bridge to Santa Barbra got smoked last September, or that might have been 2 yrs ago.
  4. fastboy

    Funny Gif Thread

    Happened in front of my parents last year by Sycamore Canyon Rd
  5. fastboy

    The Vs Chicken Shack

    those 155's are true car porn.
  6. fastboy

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Drove it to work. Parked it. Currently watching the pool of various fluids pool nicely under it.
  7. fastboy

    What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    ordered new tires, wheels, springs, tails, 3m junk, t-belt kit, oil cooler, frt & rr brakes... summer is almost here
  8. A lot. Crazy busy with the changes at work and home life is just as crazy, and more demanding. All is well though and we're all healthy. I should be down in your next of the woods this time next year for a few weeks, I'll keep you posted!
  9. rapid wear! watch your pressures & alignment, they rarely see north of 15,000km's up here.
  10. fastboy

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I don'y blame you, it gets out of hand on there. I just block everyone and lump other into groups that I will rarely look at.
  11. fastboy

    Off Topic: The Thread

    I'd like to see how they acquired the weapons... it's awful. I can hardly read about this shit.
  12. fastboy

    Double R Garage

    only 2500? It will still be new by the time your kids get to drive it.
  13. fastboy

    The Vs Chicken Shack

    c'mon rs6 avant! be sold here!
  14. interested... offset? you know the NA market will get flooded with a damn bolt pattern thanks to the 500. I would have stuck with the Gotti's, I could have found you tires.
  15. gimmie gimmie gimmie!!!!