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  1. How Your Car Sits

  2. Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Doesn't even list the specs. Pathetic. It's a hard knock life.
  3. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    And here I was, thinking stripped collars were almost solely an R problem.
  4. Used D2, K-Sport, or KW Coilovers

    Looking to see if there are any used D2 Racing, K-Sport, or KW V2/V3 coilovers laying about. Preferably just looking for the fronts, but would consider all 4.
  5. How Your Car Sits

    Thanks Andy! There were 3 E63 wagons at that Cars and Coffee, envy was real.
  6. How Your Car Sits

    In decent company yesterday.
  7. WTB: EST heat shield for 94-00 p80

    I've got one at home. I can send you pictures this Friday/Saturday.
  8. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    No problem, it's why forums exist. Have any before/after pictures? Spray it on your car and watch the amount of iron it reacts to.
  9. How Your Car Sits

    Nice Trump hands.
  10. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Get a cleaner that reacts to iron particles. You might be able to get away with using Sonax wheel cleaner but chances are you'll most likely need something like Iron-X.
  11. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Do it then, eh
  12. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    Bitch. You don't need to explain yourself to me.
  13. What Did You Do To Your Car Today.

    I saw them with my own eyezes on Sunday. They do exist.
  14. How Your Car Sits

    It's getting there, slowly but surely. So many things left to do.
  15. How Your Car Sits

    Hey @Burn-E, want to park beside each other some time?