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  1. Andy, headlights are the windows to the soul.
  2. I'm not offering to build another set, but look into getting someone to retrofit bi-xenon or bi-LED projectors. I'm extremely happy with my light output, plus IMO the retrofit looks good.
  3. I was already thinking that. Alan: I looked up some other builds, and repeatedly saw them under 20lbs. It's an all aluminum frame and fork, with a slew of late 80s Dura-Ace, high end Suntour & Campy. I'm excited to get it back to where it should be.
  4. The replacement bike. 1986 Alan Record, then immediately ordered new brake cables, Brooks C15, cork bar tape, new tires, etc... Let the restoration begin.
  5. Still slightly in disbelief that they selected me for that lot.
  6. Michael and I were fortunate to have our cars selected to be within Oblivion, effectively a Canadian Radwood and probably the best car show I've attended. I was placed within the front lot with an AMG Hammer, F40, XJ220, 560SL, pair of Saab 900 Turbos, Lada Niva, Ford EXP, etc...
  7. As someone who's outside of the US, I get absolutely raped on shipping by both Tasca & FCP. Usually it comes down to FCP's warranty or the outright lower cost of Tasca. Shipping is so expensive that I've made all of my most recent purchases through the dealership.
  8. This is it, dirty after driving 500km. Nebulas are in the garage at home. Ottawa roads are like driving on a pubescent kids face.
  9. It's simple, take part numbers from FCP or VADIS/VIDA and paste it into their search. Then they typically come out the cheapest of all for blue box bits.
  10. Is the frame actually tweaked or did you bend the subframe? Might be just the subframe.
  11. Thank you! Needs some more go & low.
  12. This page needs more Saffron. Rolled over 170k mi on the drive home from Cars and Coffee.
  13. Looks good! Love the D2 A8 as well. Swedespeed are sticklers for blue box everything; a tad narrow-minded toward running non Volvo components.