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  1. I still go back and watch videos of the XR from time to time. Those runs you did in *Mexico* do the trick every time. Love the updates Matt, it's awesome seeing it all come together.
  2. Beep beep Biden train coming through. How's it feel now Gary?
  3. It's all fake, started by China. Amirite?
  4. LOL. Hey genius, that building in the background of the picture is actually in Berlin. Dis gon' be gud.
  5. I totally forgot you're running beefed up axles, my bad. Fingers crossed, I can't wait to see this thing do its first pull.
  6. I'm running the TS510s, with a 450lb spring at a similar ride height to you and have had no CV boot issues whatsoever. My dampening is set around mid way and it's quite compliant/enjoyable except when carrying heavy loads or the inevitable pot hole via Ontario's god awful roads. I wouldn't change dampening to full stiff just yet, I believe the boots would solve the problem.
  7. Quarantine boredom.
  8. I think he meant to @ @RobT5M I came into this thread hoping there would be one of the bi-yearly posts of your 850R, but yet again I leave blueballed.
  9. P3s are impressing me. My dad got an XC70 T6 (with the I6) and it's much quicker than I expected. Steering feel is completely numb though, makes my Saff V70R feel like a Miata.
  10. It's not super difficult. Hardest part is ensuring the projectors are level once mounted in the housing, because there is no easy correction afterward. Can give you some more tips, just shoot me a PM.
  11. Thanks Rob! They're even sexier at night when I can throw the quad high beams on, dumb bright. Jewel retro > ABMs everyday.
  12. Hussein, where'd you find this? I'd love to read more about it.