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  1. Make sure that the added heat from the HID bulbs cannot burn the chrome of the halogen projector. I had that happen with ABMs (which are obviously worse quality than OEM Porsche), but the light output now is pitiful. What about a bi-xenon retrofit? I absolutely love mine in the Saff R. So much light, especially high beams.
  2. Check the door speakers or dash tweeters, I believe center channel was only installed if the Dynaudio kit was added.
  3. I thought he was finishing university back when VS was at it's peak. What a geezer.
  4. Yeah I went off the deep end last year too. Quick update, my last city beater (Velosport Courier) died at the hands of a 2015 Corolla that pulled out in front of me, cutting me off at 30km/h and sent me into the quarter panel and airborne when the wheel taco'd. However, I came out with a few medium bruises and $650 towards a replacement steed. So I bought a 1986 Alan Record. OG aluminum race bike, screwed and glued tubing and then I went all minimal designer on it (as I do). Replaced all brake cables, big clean, new brake hoods, tires, tubes, Brooks Cambium C15, etc... It's currently for sale if anyone's interested. It's a 56. Last year I began really riding with some of my friends and realized a 35 year old ride couldn't keep up. In came a 2019 Cannondale Caad 12 105 disc. Have since done a few minor things like replace the saddle because I hated the Prologo on it, but just ridden the damn thing. Local park (Gatineau Park in Quebec) was closed to cars all summer long by a local council (as a test) and became a bicycle playground. Hoping they do it again next year.
  5. We keep getting snow then crazy mild spells that melt it all; and repeat. One fucked up winter so far.
  6. Working and living, plus crunch time for my masters. Do you ever miss your old laser R?
  7. God damn, what up Greg?
  8. I've never seen mounts that rusty before and I live in Canada...
  9. Heard this thread needed a bump. Prep'd for Oblivion (aka Canadian Radwood). Chilling with @Peacock & @RBoy8 in the show staging lot. Anthony's car made mine look bad- his is incredible.
  10. Modern double DIN > factory head unit, it's just a fact. However, fuck touchscreen everything.
  11. This did not get the amount of attention it should. God damn gurl.
  12. 2019 Cannondale CAAD12 105 Disc. @flyfishing3 What's your preference for saddles?
  13. Hell, I would've bought it. Hope your mech is bringing it back to life.
  14. One of my best friends has quickjacks and I've borrowed them to do some work on my car. They're super simple and sturdy to use. Never felt like the car could move at all. However, I wished I had the car up on stands when installing my exhaust. Some of the pieces were a real pain to maneuver into place due to the quickjacks not lifting as high as my jack and stands do. I'd say they're a good buy for the majority of car projects.