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  1. I am starting to get bored of the Nebulas, but don't know what to replace them with.
  2. If you had BBS DTMs I'd be driving to your place to trade lol.
  3. Looking great, love seeing other people 3D printing bits for their P80s. Is there a reason for the right angle bump in the printed housing where it meets the airbox? I'd want to smooth that out if possible. EDIT: Appears to be for the mounting bracket. I'm sure it'd be strong enough with that clearanced to make a perfectly smooth routing.
  4. That's an old school TME bar.
  5. You can, I've got a new set with bolts sitting on my shelf waiting for my other rear bumper to get painted.
  6. Been loving your build, such a clean car and fast too. I just got a resin printer, so let me know if you need anything aesthetic printed at very high resolution.
  7. Paint the top/sides red and leave the underside carbon.
  8. New alternator, cabin and engine air filter, and faulty door lock actuator replaced with JY unit (door microswitch failed) for the Saffron R. JY door lock actuator was pulled from a 98 V70 T5 with cloth seats but a factory autodimming rear view mirror; might've pulled that. Finally charges the battery and engages the alarm.
  9. You're welcome for ragging on you constantly.
  10. Have you tried the oil pump seal? It's right in the area you're discussing and I've heard of them leaking before.
  11. Good eye, they're closely related. Alan has since sold, just the CAAD 12 Disc now.