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  1. They're not the same- the area for the trunk is different, but I'm not sure about the rest. Check Swedespeed, more info about cars going for cheap on there, (FWD & AWD Classifieds). Definitely check car-part.com, there has to be a good quarter panel listed. Good luck!
  2. NA cams are good for 13whp, they're definitely worth installing.
  3. Quarantine boredom.
  4. I think he meant to @ @RobT5M I came into this thread hoping there would be one of the bi-yearly posts of your 850R, but yet again I leave blueballed.
  5. P3s are impressing me. My dad got an XC70 T6 (with the I6) and it's much quicker than I expected. Steering feel is completely numb though, makes my Saff V70R feel like a Miata.
  6. It's not super difficult. Hardest part is ensuring the projectors are level once mounted in the housing, because there is no easy correction afterward. Can give you some more tips, just shoot me a PM.
  7. Thanks Rob! They're even sexier at night when I can throw the quad high beams on, dumb bright. Jewel retro > ABMs everyday.
  8. Hussein, where'd you find this? I'd love to read more about it.
  9. You do realize that P80 V70Rs, especially rare colours, are appreciating in value right? You'd be better off buying them a used civic and bringing the saffron back to life.
  10. Mike you're going senile. FCP doesn't carry a CF one, EST does. Your sons destroy the Saff completely yet?
  11. I believe Robert has gone out of business, that's why he's difficult to get in touch with.
  12. Looks good, but as a designer- why do the transition near the windshield like that? There's no line there to accentuate...
  13. Holy crap, coronavirus bringing out an OG.
  14. 5.5 years of progress between these two pictures.
  15. Welcome back! Excited to see what you do to this thing.
  16. I came in here hoping to see a repaired pic of your R and I get this. Bruh.
  17. That's some good written birth control right there.
  18. That might be because you're still living in 1995.
  19. Andy, headlights are the windows to the soul.
  20. I'm not offering to build another set, but look into getting someone to retrofit bi-xenon or bi-LED projectors. I'm extremely happy with my light output, plus IMO the retrofit looks good.