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  1. This did not get the amount of attention it should. God damn gurl.
  2. Sadly, this place is too dead for a chat option.
  3. 2019 Cannondale CAAD12 105 Disc. @flyfishing3 What's your preference for saddles?
  4. Hell, I would've bought it. Hope your mech is bringing it back to life.
  5. One of my best friends has quickjacks and I've borrowed them to do some work on my car. They're super simple and sturdy to use. Never felt like the car could move at all. However, I wished I had the car up on stands when installing my exhaust. Some of the pieces were a real pain to maneuver into place due to the quickjacks not lifting as high as my jack and stands do. I'd say they're a good buy for the majority of car projects.
  6. First, I wouldn't bother with IPD springs. Get a set of H&Rs, decent drop but nice enough to live with daily. Second, what in the f*ck happened to your Recaros? Are those two (red vs black) supposed to be the same seat model?
  7. Watch out you'll double the mileage in two months at this pace. Custom stealth door pod for the WB. Paint is custom matched to the factory mirror cap.
  8. I emailed Chuck about this, he replied very quickly and said he'd look into it but I haven't seen anything change.
  9. Took a picture and drive in-between tearing it apart.
  10. You're welcome for the cleaning suggestions. My steering wheel is clean, but I still am deep cleaning the shit out of it when I remove it.
  11. Man at first glance I thought the wheel was supposed to be black and didn't think anything of it. 😂
  12. That driver's seat is absolutely disgusting. Get a nylon brush to put into a drill and go crazy with some leather cleaner.
  13. I'm running the C70 vert subframe with no modifications whatsoever, bolted right up. Here's a comparison picture I made way back that shows everything is there:
  14. I'm still just kicking the Alan Super Record around. Looking at selling it and upgrading to something full carbon in the near future.
  15. God damn, that's a pretty penny. What you riding nowadays?
  16. I'm running 450lb rear springs and find myself wishing I went 500lb+. With no one in the back, it rides well but I've effectively ruined it as a wagon lol. Love the video updates Matt, can't wait to see you doing some longer runs once it warms up and you can get traction.
  17. Bring back all the OGs. WTF are you even driving nowadays? I know Danny has a 911.
  18. I still go back and watch videos of the XR from time to time. Those runs you did in *Mexico* do the trick every time. Love the updates Matt, it's awesome seeing it all come together.
  19. Beep beep Biden train coming through. How's it feel now Gary?
  20. I totally forgot you're running beefed up axles, my bad. Fingers crossed, I can't wait to see this thing do its first pull.