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  1. I still have it.

  2. It is a sad state of affairs that money is still what does a lot of talking with sales people and vendors. I met an Audi guy are Carlisle telling me a story of how a Merc dealer discriminated him by the way he looked. He casually walked into a Merc dealer in Germany wearing some jeans and a t-shirt. He wait about 10 minutes and still no one approached him. He eventually walked over to a sales person and said "Hey I would like to buy this car!" (pointing toward a high end Mercedes on the show floor). The sales person said "I'm sorry but we don't just sell Mercedes to any person off the street." The customer became quite disgruntled and had the manager brought out. He gave the manager his piece of mind and basically said that if you don't start treating everyone with respect and with the same degree of customer service then you are more than simply going to head straight out of business. He pulled $70,000 in cash out of his pocket and said "this is as close as you are going to come to getting this" and then walked out. He walked straight across the street and bought a BMW. The point is that a company will loose a lot of loyalty and sales and business if they discrimate and decide that they will only help a certain kind of person. I have had many people PM and email me with HID questions who have bought a kit elsewhere. I am always more than happy to help because I do genuinely want to and I believe it is good business. Nothing pleases me more than receiving a compliment letting me know that I have gone above and beyond the person's expectations. It disgusts me how many times I hear of other vendors and retail venues not even sending a simple response to these customers with information or a note saying they have no information - the customers are simply Ignored!
  3. Paul I appreciate your support! Thank you! I was glad that Chris brought that hole saw so we could install your HIDs. They turned out great. John
  4. Congratulations to the winners! It was and is an honor to support this great community!
  5. Chuck did you end up going to Carlisle? Who wrote the first post? I appreciate your kind comments and I above all appreciate the honesty displayed.
  6. MikeG is the WINNER! Congratulations. I have sent you a PM regarding the HID details.
  7. Chuck, I can offer up a 35w lifetime warranty single beam HID kit valued at $150. Let me know what you need from me. Thanks, John
  8. I'm with you on this. There is a reason they took at way the real R cars - they just weren't getting the numbers from that line that they needed. Audi has done the same thing with their S-line other than they lower the car a bit with it. Volvo is making a decision based on the mass market - not a small group of enthusiasts that will mod the car anyway. Don't forget that not so long ago and especially in Europe that Volvos were cars for old people! Then the 850 turbo came out and that all changed.
  9. That's great Mike. I'm glad the install went smoothly and they are working as they should. I can't wait to see your pics.
  10. You'd think for $514 a month they could replace that hard drive on RAID with no down time whatsoever. What's the point of raid if it only stops crashes but then causes downtime anyway? Thanks for the update Chuck - bitch at your server company as they shouldn't require down time for this crap.
  11. Wow that is a true example of a mint saffron. Nice find man!! I have always like that colour.
  12. Me too. That turbo is fricking awesome. My buddy just put it on his maxima and it hauls ass. Wow!! Good luck man. Can't wait to see the final and the dyno results.
  13. I tried searching for my old threads using the method of looking at threads only I started and some of my threads aren't here at all! What's the story? Make me a mod and I'll gladly help move them around to where they belong.
  14. What about all our threads? Yeah they still exist but where are they? Would be nice to have them back in the normal forums again. What's the status on that Chuck?
  15. I also have a huge post reduction on my profile. Any fixes coming?
  16. You would think Chuck would make some sort of announcement as to what is going on. Where is he?
  17. My supplier now has a good stock of 3000K kits if anyone is looking. These will give you a yellow look which is ofen used for the fog lights.
  18. New car man! If not that then dual exhaust then rear WP brakes. Maybe sideskirts but what's the point right now? Make the car faster perhaps - more PSI baby!!!
  19. I need the pieces on all the doors that are at the corners of the windows. The front ones cover where the bolts are for the mirrors, the rears are just at the back of the door by the bottom of the glass. I need all four if you have them. They are just plastic pieces.
  20. I think so. Are they AMP style connectors? D2R is the bulb fitment type isn't it?
  21. I think if I could have kepted it in 2nd gear and a better driver like George was driving I would have had a chance at below 30 seconds!
  22. Gregg, Your car is the car that got me to buy an R. You are a real ICON man.
  23. I concur, definatetly a uniqu emblem!
  24. Thanks man. It will be very much Volvo based even though it is a universal site!