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  1. 70r and 60r were merged. Can’t answer missing posts.
  2. flyfishing3

    850R Bumper

    Nice purchase on the yellow. Honestly, check TB. lots more action and chances guys have stuff laying around.
  3. Does your old man help you with the car at all?
  4. that's a big list not to mention the turbo. If its original that will need replaced and if its been replaced I'd be curious with what. Thats some high performance Mods to only stick with the K24.
  5. man, I haven't washed the Saff in over a year lol. Still looks good from distance though haha
  6. yeah, the company in china who makes it, makes it under a couple names. IIRC Shaw carpet bought the rights to the name/process, but it's made in china. The bottom has fallen out of the LVT/LVP category. It's now a race to the bottom for quality and price. Stick to the thicker, better stuff. if you plan to swing by the Bristol customer, send me a PM and I'll give you who to talk to and I'll call him in advance.
  7. Hi Greg, Yep, Persoanly, if I was looking for a flooring that isn't permeant I'd go with a RIGID CORE, CORTEX product. its a LVP and looks just like hardoood or some look like ceramic. You can get floating so the subfloor prep isn't as important. watch Bambo, there is vertical or horizontal grain, Vertical is less prone to denting, but I like horizontal better. If you want to go green, look at cork. Its been around since flooring was invented and renewable. in your world I sell to: Stanley Stephens JJ Haines L fishman They all should have something I might be able to help you out with. see if any are near you.
  8. Ahhh yep. Was EST saffron looks like it went through a grinder. still runs awesome, but cosmetically, it makes me cry inside. It’s a college kid car now, so why get upset. As long as it’s safe, all I care about now. both my boys are going to same college in fall(hopefully). Jr and Fresh. They will have car at school so it really will go to shit.
  9. not bad, I have no idea where my OMP brace got to. I use the CF one from FCP I think?.
  10. Yeah. Carbons car was sick.
  11. bumbed that Pete dropped out. I hope he is around for a long time.