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  1. Not everything is as obvious as it seems lol.
  2. new durlast for the Subaru and 2 portable jumper things. Got stranded at cabin over the weekend for second time. tired of that.
  3. I think iron monkey was either returned to the wild or rusted stiff
  4. Houses are flying off the shelf here. My in-Laws moved three houses down. yeah I know. But they were able to sell their 60yr old house that needed a new roof, 2 huge retention walls replaced, new HVAC, etc etc. Sold as is for over asking in 12 hrs. We were shocked but it was the only ranch for sale in the area. We've kicked around selling our house for massive profit but anything we would want is way over priced also.
  5. I don’t, Danny does, and I talk with Danny often.
  6. He said he is going to be changing it back sooner or later
  7. remember when we would flood TB and create all kinds of shit lol and Vice Versa.
  8. I haven't asked chuck yet about the badges
  9. He still has nothing but free time lol.
  10. the Saffron is officially gone. Exchanged money the other day. Also spent last week golfing in Pinehurst. I am not good enough for a trip like that lol.
  11. I feel a deletion coming on.
  12. only saddle I run on all my bikes. I also have the CF rails.