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  1. we bought the outback in 2016 for my wife. I still had the company car. they took away our company cars and we got her a 2018 4runner and I took over the outback for work. I bought an Ascent a couple weeks ago and moved the outback to a kids car. I'm about to order another car for wifey today I hope. that was our 4th 4runner and we are just not happy with it.
  2. We will see how the outback does lol. Calling for 4 more inches at cabin.
  3. Nice. I love the linear pull of the K24
  4. Yep, having the new car, I want to cover my ass. It has a rear camera also. I got the hardwire kit for the Parking Lot protection.. Amaz had the best price. probably try to install this weekend.
  5. @Ihatespeedbumps josh is who I'd be talking to about Trans stuff.
  6. I have't seen him around in forever, but I got mine off BIG WILL. I had a Grateful Dead license plate thing that worked, but it broke.
  7. he didn't know where it came from but figured it was him. lol
  8. inside story but our OG text group chuck made a 3d one and shipped to Danny. He is a cat guy and it has a cat head lol. he wasn't impressedhahaha
  9. I'm 99% in for Ragbrai this year. Will be using PORK BELLY VENTURES to move our gear etc. didn't get a new bike but did pick up a SARIS H3 smart trainer. Really like it. I keep my FELT connected to it and ride the Lynskey for roads now. Did the RTT from Pittsburgh to DC last year on my JAMIS CX bike.