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  1. Yeah. Carbons car was sick.
  2. bumbed that Pete dropped out. I hope he is around for a long time.
  3. Ps have that. They loathe it. Doesn’t get hot enough, takes to long to get hot. with multi showers, get multi units then.
  4. I have my Fav, but I do not believe he will be the candidate. I just want someone to beat Trump. Actually, the Pres job doesn't mean as much to me as winning the senate.
  5. Trump is a loser, McConnell is evil imo. I'm not surprised he got away with the impeachment trial, I'm just amazed the no witness etc shit. McConnell is the devil.
  6. I've made numerous wagers he will lose, but I'm starting to get nervous about it. I'll be out hundreds if he wins lol. I'll be even more mad lol.
  7. too stock. Hop that thing up.
  8. at least the picture A and I are bringing up, is the hiring of people with visible tats.
  9. I think people can do whatever they want, we all make decisions that affect our life. But if you turn people off by having a bunch of TATS, don't be mad at anyone else. close minded, maybe. But a person doesn't have to like what you like. We are a relatively small company. Plenty of Customer service people have ink. Only 1 outside sales person has a Tat and you would never know he has it. He worked for the company like 13 years before the owner even knew about it.
  10. raced a 04 60 Flash/Ata on Sat. Both cars did pretty well.