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  1. Thats more OG than you even know. I'm top right corner the others aren't here much, if at all. I'll give you the center square. GDIZZLE. the bottom pic, ***** was driving to the liquor store lol.
  2. he def has more fuzz on his face then his balls.
  3. not too many Amazon people here. Might want to try Turbobricks.
  4. Here is the link to my car. Lots of reading but you will find some good info and possible sources for stuff. Car is destroyed now with the kids driving. Rear spoiler got ripped off by one kids friend, other son blasted a boulder and broke from
  5. I have way to much crap laying around. I'm too cheap to throw away, and I'm too lazy to sell lol.
  6. I only get a pic, no vid. This is the vid that gave everyone chubbies when we all started.
  7. blanking their name, but those were out of Japan. HEICO IIRC They were outrageous at the time. Not even sure if they are open anymore.
  8. is he near Danny at all? I don’t know the PNW at all
  9. 5k is a lot. figure out what is safety and do that first. if you can’t wrench watch out, but we can help some over the tubes.
  10. Big one on your coast is called Davis. don’t know much about it buts huge and lots of OG people from here go. not sure if IPD does their big show still.
  11. met him years and years ago at a large east coast meet. Seemed nice enough, there are mixed reviews of him.