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  1. Oh cool. I like TC better but GR is nice. I have a customer in Wyoming. im up there a couple times a year for work.
  2. Brian. What part of Michigan?
  3. about 3/4 of my office ( suburb of LA) and has/had it the last couple weeks. It went around like wild fire and they tried to do the right things. Some were more cavalier than others, but it got most of them. Nobody passed away at least/yet......
  4. I think Kevin is rocking a Porsche of some sort Chuck still has his m5, C6 zo6, Camry Justin still has a Volvo or 2 laying around Grant is on like his 5 tesla Yang rocks a leaf Pras might be carless, but I'll let him explain that one lol
  5. There are ways around the Nivo’s if that’s what you mean. I’m blanking the names, but the info is here. Takes adapters. It’s been years, but I was able to source some Nivos from Sweden.
  6. Holy shit that was wild really sad and concerns me about where our country is headed.
  7. haha. I think I went there once, just once.
  8. That crew is breaking the law every waking minute lol.
  9. It hasn’t happened yet, but I’m sure he will pardon himself and his crew. not even Nixon did that.
  10. So instead of the TRUMP train, now we have the PARDON train.
  11. I love the KKK24 but 350 would be getting near max and I do not believe its a direct bolt on.
  12. believe me, I'm a Biden guy, but I do not see him at the top in 4 years. actual I'm a Mayor Pete guy, but that's a different story.
  13. yeah, chuck did it last night. said it was a big update.
  14. Yeah. I asked him. He is bikeless. Except peddle bikes.
  15. Not sure if Travis sold his or not. if he has it, he might sell it to you. He isn’t riding anymore