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  1. grabbing a samsung 24" monitor for computer. No gaming, just work. Ring door bell- gift Apple TV- gift
  2. its never going to go away. Look forward to Covid-21 soon. Its going to morph and here we go again.
  3. I got his number, I reached out to him for you.
  4. You will probably have to go custom. I think they have to put a cat in.
  5. it was REID. I'll check with some people that still talk to him.
  6. I don’t know how to do it, but if you wanted to ride dirty. Rig up another battery somewhere
  7. Cam shaft position sensor. try cleaning it, if that doesn’t work get a new one. if car won’t start, it’s a more serious problem
  8. I can’t tell what it fits. bungs The third is for more advanced monitoring or its back so far to avoid using a fooler. looks to be 3”
  9. is there a kit? or just pop some bulbs in? I need new HID fogs in the sequoia and was thinking of doing LED.
  10. I think GOP top Candidates: Nikki Haiey Don Jr. Ted Cruz Marco Rubio Dems: Harris with Mayor Pete as Vice. I would actually prefer Mayor Pete as President but I think that's unlikely.
  11. Danny talks to him once in awhile. He is on his 4th or 5th Tesla.
  12. flyfishing3

    Eriks 850

    You have to have a small house into that car by now.
  13. I’m a power drinker lol grant was a power bottom.
  14. Wait for Justin to see that. He loves some weights.
  15. being that it happens when something is turned on, makes me think its a crossed wire.
  16. either some wires are crossed somewhere or it's a ground somewhere.
  17. Watching the returns shitting myself. I’m losing it bad.
  18. Maybe you’ve discussed it, but how do you plan to get around inspection with that drop pipe?