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  1. You might be able to track him down on. Loweredlifestyle.
  2. on what car? I ran 18x8 on my V70R 98. I rubbed on full lock. Can't remember the offset. my suspension was lowered 1" but I still rubbed on regular setup. I rolled the fenders a little.
  3. it was from my 04R so it would have been perfect. Not exactly sure why I had it up there. Must not have given when I sold the car.
  4. Meh. I need to see Bond, James Bond.
  5. Is Aaron in TX still doing custom stuff. I think he might be.
  6. Man. I had one sitting in my attic. Just gave it to the guy that bought the saff
  7. For some reason I think that’s the year to avoid the V8. Iirc it tends to leak oil. I could also be talking out my ass but there was a year to avoid the V8.
  8. Dang. That’s a lotta work
  9. He’s been quiet in our text group. He might be trying to sneak into N Korea.
  10. Can’t speak to that but I love the sound of a strong 5 hole.
  11. I have the ECU with a custom Tune from my 98 V70R. Tune was done by Jan @ WothRline in Sweden. It's an overwritten ECU, not soldered in. He has done tunes for Big Will, Doug K, I think Carson also. TUNE: 1.8 Bar 290Nm RPM's raised 500 torque Limiters removed in 1st and 2nd. Set up for a 18T with 3"Dp I put about 70,000 miles on ECU with no issues. 93+ gas 500 US through PayPal. Mike
  12. Not everything is as obvious as it seems lol.
  13. new durlast for the Subaru and 2 portable jumper things. Got stranded at cabin over the weekend for second time. tired of that.
  14. I think iron monkey was either returned to the wild or rusted stiff