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  1. Lol. I used to get that code. I would just clean and bonk it a couple times. Never threw on ground ha.
  2. I got the Vantrue. 256. Very Happy with it so far. Had to check a file and it was clear. get the rear cam cable too.
  3. Unfortunately chuck is the only one. he doesn’t like doing it I can tell you. he just says start a new one. I guess it creates more hits or some IT shit I don’t understand
  4. I have to go look at what I have. No issues so far. Wanna say it was 180ish.
  5. What year is that car? I’m surprised it didn’t have one from factory
  6. why rip out all the sound stuff etc?
  7. 1/3 of my sales are Russian products
  8. I used to have some wiper hole covers. If I ever find them again, I’ll put them up.
  9. Yeah. I’ve never used it for anything else lol.
  10. 98 had a parts break on Drive shaft and it’s size related Vin related. Colorado something is where everyone gets their DS
  11. I gotta Admit I’m a star wars geek except number 1. I thought mandalorian was the best shit in years, but I was way wrong. Boba Fett is incredible. hands down the most enthralling stuff on TV in years. So bummed season 1 is over.
  12. I refuse to acknowledge my earth age and join haha. maybe some day.