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  1. so are you calling for war?
  2. I'm blown away by the loyal people trump still has. I think people are so entrenched in believing his crap that have to keep riding that horse. He upsets people so much(ME) that people love the distain I have and support him more. The grifting he is doing doesn't seem to matter to anyone.
  3. I'm so sick of it all. I need to move to Iceland.
  4. Lol. I used to get that code. I would just clean and bonk it a couple times. Never threw on ground ha.
  5. I got the Vantrue. 256. Very Happy with it so far. Had to check a file and it was clear. get the rear cam cable too.
  6. I have to go look at what I have. No issues so far. Wanna say it was 180ish.
  7. What year is that car? I’m surprised it didn’t have one from factory
  8. why rip out all the sound stuff etc?
  9. 1/3 of my sales are Russian products
  10. I used to have some wiper hole covers. If I ever find them again, I’ll put them up.
  11. I refuse to acknowledge my earth age and join haha. maybe some day.
  12. wow. Never heard of them dropping anyone. I'd be jacked. Wife used them twice last year for jumps. No Tows. I have it for entire family. I use hotel discount hundreds of times a year. If I ever lost it, I'd just sign up for AARP.( I still haven't lol)
  13. Not sure what thread it was but big fire Big Sur. Both sides of bridge
  14. things change that quick. Wife is not happy with interior offerings. The preorder is supposed to start tomorrow, take ownership in NOV probably. they say sooner but expect delays.
  15. we bought the outback in 2016 for my wife. I still had the company car. they took away our company cars and we got her a 2018 4runner and I took over the outback for work. I bought an Ascent a couple weeks ago and moved the outback to a kids car. I'm about to order another car for wifey today I hope. that was our 4th 4runner and we are just not happy with it.