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  1. too stock. Hop that thing up.
  2. at least the picture A and I are bringing up, is the hiring of people with visible tats.
  3. I think people can do whatever they want, we all make decisions that affect our life. But if you turn people off by having a bunch of TATS, don't be mad at anyone else. close minded, maybe. But a person doesn't have to like what you like. We are a relatively small company. Plenty of Customer service people have ink. Only 1 outside sales person has a Tat and you would never know he has it. He worked for the company like 13 years before the owner even knew about it.
  4. raced a 04 60 Flash/Ata on Sat. Both cars did pretty well.
  5. got my taxes done on Fri. Most things stayed equal. Return was 1,100 lower. Thanks Trump. Blah Blah Blah my take home was more. the only thing that bailed my ass out was i have a child under 17( got 2k) and 2 boys over 17 ( 500 ea.). i'm already listed as single with 0 dependents. I will need to have extra taken out once the last one crosses 17..
  6. have you done your taxes yet Gary? I do mine in a couple weeks, but a couple of neighbors went from receiving couple thou, to owing. They weren't happy for sure.
  7. honestly, I will be so bummed if Mueller doesn't come up with something good.
  8. very cool. he had a yellow IIRC also. Volvette still alive?
  9. even though my wife and i are anti-gun, we appreciate the safety and knowledge of it. We have our son taking private gun safety and lessons. He's a pretty decent shot but hasn't shot anything too serious yet. He just isn't allowed to have one LOL.
  10. ha, no but i would eat Filet on every meal if i could. I'm just in the we should collect everyones guns camp.
  11. i want to like your post but i can't cause GUNS.
  12. glad the mid terms are turning out to be decent. 2020 should be wild. i do not believe he will run again.
  13. please link me to your 2nd qtr stats there please. F your tax credits. I'm losing all my home office right offs, lots of expenses i used to right off.
  14. Bombs away Bolton getting tapped watch the Iran nuclear deal go boom watch the N K deal go tits up
  15. look outside and wave, chuck is out there.
  16. every time I argue this with chuck he has the same response. Make a bullet 1000.00. chucks response. I'll just pack my own. I have to bet the % that actually pack their own is .0001% in the real world. how about all you sport shooters buy your rounds at the range and then its controlled better.
  17. TLDR gun control is not shooting straight. Said it before, we can't do anything about the guns. We need to regulate the hell out of the ammo. you can have a long federal crime record and go into Walmart and buy a shopping cart of ammo. No guns in school, I don't care about a persons background no guns in movie theaters, bars you need training, a long practice period and 2 tests to get a drivers license(at least in PA). being 18 doesn't/shouldn't mean you can just go buy a murder weapon.
  18. Erin almost said the exact same thing about putting a small Leo base on campuses. My kids school has one building off campus, but rest are on 1property. my school was so large it was 30+ minute drive between them. I grad with close to 1,000 kids.
  19. I've been going back and forth plenty, just over text. my wife is a teacher. Arming teachers is not the answer.
  20. man is trump fucking up our country. the division in people he is creating will take years to fix, if ever. the slime he and his mouth pieces are doing to the FB is embarrassing. i never thought he was such a loser, but boy is he showing it. the tweeting is killing me, but i guess i'm glad to be able to see his boorishness
  21. My taxes are going up. So F them all I need to research the child tax credit though. I have 3 dependents. In the end it will be a push probably pulling the mandate out, trickle down never working, losing some deductions. I’d say this is a shit show.