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  1. Yeah I wasn't aware that the turbo went anywhere!
  2. Ya know... I actually like the headlights too. They look dumb with the regular corners though - need some matching clear corners. The only thing I think looks retarded is the huge wing... oh and the exhaust tip is pretty gangsta too. Like someone else said... its not the worst I've seen. The wheels are aight.
  3. silicone turbo hoses (SAMCO) if you are planning on increasing boost in the future
  4. Man it definitely sounds like you've got a big boost leak. Did you take a look at the turbo lines... it doesn't take a mechanic to see a hole in a hose. Just stick you're head under the hood and take a look for anything out of the ordinary. :edit: 17 psi will not bend rods, but it will certainly blow up stock hoses.
  5. Might as well throw my opinion out there... I'll start off by saying that I consider myself very conservative. I am strongly opposed to homosexuality... this belief probably comes from my Christian background. The church's opposition to homosexuality is not something that they just came up with out of the blue... it is firmly based in scripture, but I don't want to get into a religious debate here. I don't hate people who are homosexual... I don't even dislike most of them. It is the fact that they are homosexual that I dislike. I know many gay guys... some I find annoying, but most are awesome people. I find it disgusting when a guy hits on me, but I'm not gonna kick his jerk because of it. As for the original email that was posted... I agree with this guy that our society is going way too far in trying to make homosexuality seem okay. I will not email cbs about it, because I also agree with the viewpoint that if you don't like it, don't watch it. I've never even heard of this company before, but if they sell quality products, I woulnd't even think of not ordering from them because of the owner's personal opinions. It took alot of courage for him to voice his opinion like that. It wasn't completely necessary, but it doesn't mean that his company sells anti-gay lawn fertilizer. I say give him a break... he's not trying to force you to agree with him. Thats my $.02
  6. Oh man that definitely sucks the big one. I was dumb the other day... took my car through the automatic car wash. I don't even do that often, but I forgot to put down the antenna.... damn thing took it right off! Anyway... wayy off topic... hope its not too much to fix. Good luck man.
  7. I actually don't mind the rims. I think the black looks good with that car.
  8. what the heck... of the three guys from the us that made it to the final of this thing, two are father and son?!?! What is that??
  9. C30 turbo AWD = GTI ?? could probably be a fun little car with some modifications.
  10. You realize there are already meets planned in PA and VA for that weekend? Are we really gonna have three separate meets in the mid-atlantic on the same weekend? Seems kind of absurd. :huh:
  11. That's what I thought... just checkin though. That would have been hella cheap!
  12. Ugh... so tempting! Suspension... exhaust... suspension... exhaust... I don't know what to do. I need more money! haha