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  1. maybe you could get a job that paid more if you knew how to spell?
  2. Hey! Hope all is well with you! Any new pics of the car??

  3. just got 2 notifications in my email. I think this is now resolved?
  4. saw a silver S60 with gun metal wheels and I think a moose badge in Greensboro a few weeks back. I would have waved at least, but I was in too great of a shock that I saw another modified volvo. :o
  5. same old thing on my symbian phone.
  6. it's too late, you already added me! haha
  7. you can use whatever turbo with the conical flange. People even run the 19T with the conical. No need to swap downpipes if you only swap the coldside and actual turbo itself. Heck, you don't even have to unbolt the downpipe if you do that.
  8. I used chrome, but I have to have my web developer toolbar for firefox. And my screen grabber. And my adblocker. And my IE emulator. And my VCard exporter. And my javascript debugger. And my Exif viewer. And my ...well, you get the picture.
  9. Jaxx


    That looks fucking awesome. An S70 that color would be fantastic though... :)
  10. C'est mal, Michael. C'est trop mal.