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  1. Thanks dude,,, appreciate the comments,,here's a couple more from the Don Beyer GTG last sunday someone took http://kleks.gotdns.org:8000/fotos/volvo-1/
  2. PUt the heavier spring in today,,, that was the issue,,, soft spring just wastn holding,,, I put the new spring in and it easily hit 13# very quick,, much faster than using the stock EBS at the adjustment I had obn it,, so about another turn and I"ll be alll good,,, Thanks to all who replied,,,,,
  3. Just went back and read the threads from the guy I bought it from,, said he had it set around 13#,, but was pushing it,, said if i wanted to run 17# then I'd have to go to the heavier spring,,, hmmmmmmm
  4. Looks exactly like that one,, and thats how its hooked up,, side port to the wastegate,, top port to the turbo,,,,
  5. yup , the first one Before I installed the mbc,, could run on up to 15/17lbs no prb.,,, may switch it back this week to see if there is an issue with stock ....
  6. yup,, outlet to the wastegate inlet from the turbo
  7. After installing tthe simplistic Hallman MBC,,, Ist run I could only get about 5# out of it,, the guy I bought it from told me he had it set at 13#,, so I figure, well maybe it somehow got turned down a bit when I was admiring it for 2 months before installing.... sooo I do a couple turns on it,,, maybe 6/7 lbs.... well this evening ,, its much cooler,, I cranked it up a bit on long stretch of rd. here in no. va... well after cranking it till it wont turn any more,,, 10#, with a spike to maybe 12,,,, Car has a S/T 17# chip, full down pipe and exhaust ,, before I installed the mbc,,,, 17lbs easy,,,, I caped the vacum, nipple on the inlet tube and from the directions I've read here on line,,wasnt really necessary to cap the 3 ports on the Electronic boost controller, fairly new vacum lines,,,, Am I missing something ???? Any ideas ????