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  1. Hi!

    Do you still have Volvo V70 subwoofer?


  2. Mine was PUMPKIN - great fall color Now THERE'S a color from the 70s!
  3. I see you got the 74 -- good looking color and very, very clean. I trust you're bringing it to Carlisle.
  4. Boston Volvo Village (BVV) welcomes all Volvo enthusiasts to what's becoming an annual tradition, its Get Together/Tech Day event, taking place from 8:00am-2:00pm on Saturday, Febuary 04, 2012. The event will be held at: Boston Volvo Village 75 North Beacon Street Brighton, MA 02134 (when you arrive, just follow the signs to the Service Dept. and drive in) In the past, this has been a greet and meet, as well as a great opportunity to put your car up on the lift and check out anything that might be wrong or just a general checkup. You'll also have a chance to meet some of the BVV staff and speak with a tech, if you have any questions. All Volvo owners welcome!!
  5. Well, anything can be modified, but the extent of the mods required here would mean I would be completely upside-down on this piece, and it would still not have airflow from the fins in the lower valance (another post 1970 change ...).
  6. I think the early sheet metal for the rear is available through GCP. I have just learned, however, that one must be very careful about getting these pieces, as I'm now stuck with an early nose section that I can't use (67-70 has slightly different upper radiator mounts, and pushes the radiator too far toward the fan). I'll keep an eye out for a 73 bumper.
  7. I like what you're doing with this, Greg. Have you considered a 73 rear bumper?
  8. Greg -- you may have to bite the bullet and get a new radiator from VP Auto. They are pricey, but no more so than a genuine Volvo radiator for your T5M and you won't have to worry about pinhole core leaks. Do you need a master cylinder? I may be able to help.
  9. Where did you get the radiator, Greg?
  10. Do you have power steering in that, Greg? If so, are you thinking of going to a manual box?
  11. From 72 on these had the short shifter and Greg's is a 74. I think he mentioned he was going to run an M40, though I don't know why he wouldn't want the overdrive for family cruzin'.
  12. Sure hope that's a 142. 74, of course, was the year they went to the 8 bolt crank and K-jet. I'm curious what kind of shape it's in overall, and what the plans include. I, for one, would lose the humongous bumpers and swap 'em with a 73. More pics?
  13. Well, I am also no leftie - I have found I live longer and with less stress if I avoid extremes ... My intent is not to refute CPA; I am merely debunking the idea that a so-called "cabal" can change the overall nature of the way in which that cumbersome beast we know as our federal government is run. I tried to do this by illustrating that the previous "cabal" was also ultimately ineffectual in realizing their goals, whatever they were. But I will say that I AM troubled by the previous administration's policies with respect to terrorism, as I feel that the expanded incursion into Iraq, coupled with those who were wrongly victimized by extraordinary rendition actually helped to spread the appeal of extremist zeal among the Islamic nations. As to this: <<no one died by Islamo facist actions.>> -- I think you will have to qualify that statement, as it sort of ignores what happened in London and Madrid a few years ago, or Mumbai, or what happens on the streets of Baghdad and Kabul on a regular basis. That there has been activity within the last nine months indicates that terrorist plots that were launched some time ago are now coming to fruition.
  14. No, they simply wanted to create an imperial presidency by misconstruing the Constitution while dismantling civil liberties in an atmosphere of a constant state of war against an amorphous enemy. Of course, David Addington, one of the architects of the warrantless wiretapping policy, carried a copy of the Constitution around with him. It will be hard to know how history will judge the last administration -- especially the office of Vice President -- because Addington was rather effective at elevating executive privilege to a level never before seen in the history of this Republic. Oh, and while we're talking about redistribution: Facts.