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  1. you know, i saw one a while ago and was confused as hell. I know XC70s but whats the diff between that and V70XC
  2. us Americans tend to drive more... i'm pretty sure anyway. Everything is so spread out compared to Europe. anywho, Gas now is around 3.10 for regular (87oct i believe)
  3. 2.99 9/10 - 3.06 9/10 i always put in the best stuff available after my car has been sitting while at school. That sucked. 11 gallons, 35 bucks
  4. The globe is much more important than politics. We are the only creature on the planet that doesn't let nature do what it does. We're ruining the planet and thats a much bigger problem than ruining each other. 9/11 was 5 years ago and i'm sorry for the families but people die all the time and the rest of life goes on. There are more important things at hand. Global warming is a very real issue and so is the oil crisis. Quit being so selfish, starfish, and look at the bigger picture. The surface temp of the ocean has been raised 1-2degrees due to global warming. Doesn't sound like much but on the whole ocean surface that is a big deal. Hurricane's thrive on warm ocean surface temps. Due the the warmer surface hurricanes will increase in frequency and power hence what has happend in New Orleans. The world's supply of oil will reach maximum production levels this year if they haven't already. 20% of the planet uses 80% of the oil. The rest of the globe not using the oil is started to use it like we (we=America/Europe). After the "easy" oil is used production will slow down and become more expesive because they'll have to extract it from shale. If alternatives are not found and widely accepted soon we will see oil dissapear completely in my lifetime and it will take 6billion years for there to be oil agian. No oil means no motor oil for your car, no gasoline, no plastics, nothing. I can't fathom what the medical industry will be like with no plastics or the transportation industries be without fuel. This is a HUGE problem.
  5. In no way am i supporting the Nazis, Hitler, the Holocaust, or war for any reason of anykind but i would like to say this... Most Nazis, at least many, did not believe in what hitler stood for. My mom's boyfriend is German born, and imigrated here. His uncle was a Nazi soldier. His uncle turned 18, joined the Nazi army, 2 weeks later was captured by the russians and spent the next 10 years as a russian POW being beaten everyday on very little food. He said all the smokers died because they would trade food for cigaretts and starved. He joined the Nazi army because he needed to eat. He couldn't hunt or farm in the winter and there was no food anywhere. No on had money. The Hungarian army was broke, couldn't afford enough food or amunition or wepons for their soldiers. The same for the german army. The Nazi army was where all the money went. He joined to have clothes and food. Most Nazis were not involved in the holocaust either, they were on the front lines like any other soldier. I'm only saying this because they never taught me the other side of the story in school. There is a very american bias about WWII in the schools here. Living with a german and listening to their stories about how one day soldiers came into their house and said basically they had to leave that day and could ONLY bring 50lbs of what they own which is Darn near nothin. They burried the dishes in the yard and came to america with nothing. They went back a few years ago to dig up the dishes but someone lives on the farm and they didn't want to dig in someone's yard.
  6. I got baked last night, too much. I left a nice gift on the futon for him to clean before we left. Laying low for a while.
  7. i'm very unpleased with this Mr. Bush character. I don't like war, i don't like how the media makes people think war is the only way. Why did we go after Saddam? What ever happend to Bin Laden, did we forget about that guy? I'm confused on what we're doing. Is it right? Why do we start wars? I just want to go snowboarding and drive my Volvo.
  8. i'm pissed off, i want to know whats really going on and not what our dictator wants us to see. I'd rather live in Canada.