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  1. probably because pilots are assholes and idiots. I dealt with them extensively while I was in the military (commercial vs military I know) but still, they were dicks

    EDIT: not all pilots are dicks, but a lot of them are. I know a few pilots personally that are super cool, but a overwhelming amount of them are not

    You might say that most BMW owners are assholes and idiots. Not all BMW owners are dicks, but a lot of them are. I know a few BMW owners personally that are super cool, but an overwhelming amount of them are not.

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  2. I am going to be taking the train to work now.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a good set of ear buds with mic that I could buy? I am trying to keep it around $40.


    Not a huge fan of in-ear headphones outside of Apple's set. Problem is at around $40, they're all going to be pretty meh. For a truly decent set, I'd look at around $100. You might also look at closed back over-ear headphones as they might be more comfortable and do the job of canceling noise.

    Some brands I like are Sennheiser and AKG. See if you can listen to some at Guitar Center or something and see what fits and sounds best to you.

  3. Reid do you carry your Shield often? If so are carrying with the flush or extended mag. I've been carrying the flush mag and might order a second.

    I really like the extended mag. I have a holster that holds it under my arm ( but I usually have to wear a jacket with it or it tends to show. I've been carrying it lately in my messenger bag and that seems to work well.

  4. Dude, right? I work for a Distributor for a lot of performance auto stuff that gets manufactured in Japan (mostly Enkei and Invidia over there) but it's crazy. ordering 350k in auto parts, and not getting them for 6+ months. thankfully orders from europe aren't as bad, but it's just crazy.

    Or Sean Pollock at Enkei?