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  1. I think I die a little inside everytime I read one of Paul's posts, and I smoke too. :lol:
  2. u mean ur parnts wont buy u a 1/2 O for graduaion? :D
  3. Hey justin want an s40 to tear down? :D
  4. Looking to get into something new sooner than later, and the new V50 t5 r-design will have to be ordered to get the least from what my dealer told me. This made itself available quickly, its the only one available in the state in this configuration right now too IIRC...and I love the 2.0t
  5. Why fail? I've always wanted a wagon. I've always wanted a VW. So now I get both and its the TSI motor with the 6mt :)
  6. I get it monday and then i will post pictures :)
  7. 2009 Candy White Jetta Sportwagen SEL in 6MT. :)
  8. Sick. Any go-fast parts yet? My friends 335i just put down 405whp/410wtq. :)
  9. know what you have to do khax..... :lol:
  10. Not yet, one of the schools I really want is taking their sweet time. <_<
  11. I just graduated. B.A. in Political Science & a minor in History. Got some nice gifts too. $600 and this: My girlfriend got my a dog hammock for the back seat of the car too so Luna is comfortable
  12. the school im hoping to get into does. 10k/year instate vs 30k/year outofstate
  13. Hey. Hey Khax. Happy early 420. :lol: :lol:
  14. Damn you eat out a lot. Mac n cheese looks good. Fries look good. Sandwich looks like ass.
  15. Mom's bimmer? Dad's porsche? Nice. :tup:
  16. IM DOING ALL MY HOMEWORK AND RESEARCH PAPERS THIS WEEKEND IN PREPARATION FOR.... the most time honored tradition of the four twenty on the monday of april of 2009. :lol: ALLDAYEVERYDAY SON.