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  1. My 4 money pits….
  2. 98 C70 T5 98 S70 T5-SE "daily driver"
  3. JVC -Are those Carlsson wheels?
  4. That S70 is super clean- but it's begging for some jewel headlights.
  5. My daily drivers-excluding the C70-I keep that garaged and drive it on the weekends-I need to drop it soon-have a set of B&G springs-that I need to install-it handles decent right now with IPD sways and HD end links and OMP strut brace. Time to start dropping some more cash flow and performance parts into it-now that I finally got most of the maintenance issues dialed in with my rides.
  6. Thanks! I presume it's considered a Sin within the Volvo community to put an "R" emblem on a C70-since a C70R never even existed in the first place? Perhaps it's like putting an M3 emblem on a regular 3 series BMW-and yes I do hate that-but I figure the average person has no dam clue about Volvos anyways-and I like it-so I guess as they say "to each their own".
  7. My 98 T5 My other 98 T5 after I did a fresh Nanoskin Auto Scrub detail and hand wax and installed clear bra protection film on the headlights.
  8. My S70 T5, C70 T5 and S60 T5 My 98's My C70 as it sits
  9. Aequitas Veritas' 98 T5-SE on the left and my 98 T5-SE on the right I wanted to protect the pristine interior of my car-so I'm now sittin' on some sheepskin "vests" seat covers-that I had custom made. They're very comfortable and they don't interfere with the side air-bags! w/o "vests"
  10. For all those Volvo owners-who are looking for a quick and easy solution to ugly faded moldings-I highly recommend Black Fusion available exclusively from ECP. This company makes excellent car wash and auto detailing chemicals. I operate numerous full serve car washes here in So. Calif-and we use some of their products. We actually sell the Black Fusion service for $99.99-and guarantee it up to 1 year-or we will re-do it for free! Here are several before and after pictures-we'll see how it holds up! http://www.technicianschoice.net/products.asp Before Black Fusion After Black Fusion
  11. Thanks, the interior is showroom condition! It has 138k miles, one owner, meticulously maintained strictly at the Volvo dealer.
  12. I'm a Volvo Hoarder-here's my 98' S70 T5 SE w/ Canistos-just picked up this car two weeks ago-she's a virgin-so I have to break her in! w/ stock "turbo twist" wheels "Debadged" 98' S70 T5 SE Interior My 02' S60 T5 My 02' S60 T5 and 05' S60 2.5T My 98' C70 T5 98' C70 T5 engine bay