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  1. anyone ever had tempura fried bacon?

  2. cup of hot chocolate, who's got some?

  3. she's done it again, the little one has brought a tear of joy to my eye "papa, is this chorizo? I love it!"

  4. What to do?? What to do??

    1. 855RGurl


      Didnt see you @ XXX Meet. Were you able to make it?

  5. The netflix queue is getting oh yeah! slapped this evening, it's Golden Globe time!

  6. The netflix queue is getting oh yeah! slapped this evening, it's Gloden Globe time!

  7. Great, I've been advised the sun room is next. I need to go back to work before she kills me with house projects.

  8. Found this... Anyone recognize the car?
  9. I drove past the scene last night too... I saw the driver of the car but didn't recognize him. Young kid probably low 20's, short brown hair, not like that will give anyone enough detail... I thought the car was a V70, at first I thought it was Yellow, and it looked like the rims were Pegs but the fire was rather extreme so don't know for sure. Driving past again this morning you can see the heat damage to the road so it much have been pretty intense. Whoever it was and whatever car it was - my sincere condolences.