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Found 1 result

  1. Purchased this car back in July/August of 2009 and picked it up for a pretty good price with 189k on the clock. Had all the paperwork from the begining of its delievery. was having issues with the fog lights shorting out and the tranmission needed a new PNP switch. The PCV also hadn't been replaced. at that point I wanted to do some mild upgrades, mostly just upping the boost from the ECu and then focusing on the suspension at the time. When I purchased the car this is what it looked like. Got tired of the faded yellowed out upper tails and swapped them with newer ebay ones. After a bit I ordered the PCV kit from IPD and went to town replacing that, make sure your IAC hose is properly secured after fixing this because otherwise you'll have some real issues. Fast forward to 2011, one of my hoses to the heater core while on the highway, didn't notice that it was overheating because I was driving behind a guy who's car was smoking worst then a burning building and ruined my headgasket. Ended up swapping the engine with out out of an 850R along with its turbo. And so for about another year I just drove it around a lot and didn't post anything until I got a hold of a dash and swapped it out. Here are some photos of the process, the old dash actually crumbled once I removed the dash pad. At the same time I installed the IPOD adapter so I could retain the stock look and still use my ipod touch for tunes on the road. Which also meant out with the old cd changer, still have it in my storage shed just in case! Got some better engine bay shots at that time, nothing big, didn't do any kind of engine dressup. The obvious missing bits were fixed after these photos. here are some shots at that point. along with some more shots of the dash, I also swapped out the interior lights with LED's first blue and now all hyperwhite LED's. I also swapped the license plate light out with an LED one, installation was very easy and provided a very desirable effect when driving. Drove around like this for a bit and swapped out the glove box door with a matching one. After this I drove around for another couple of months. I picked up new rims, perfo's to be exact these were ok but I soon discovered rather quickly that 2 were bent. So I had to decide if I wanted to get them straightened or look into picking up a new set of rims or go back to the Cetus' that came with the car. The original comets were traded in order to get a new turbo by the previous owner. I had an issue where the car wouldn't start and ended up replacing the entire fuel and ignition system to no avail. I ended up taking it to a shop and they found the issue to be the wiring harness up to the fuel pump relay. They repaired this and I was back on the road again, after this I started dying the carpet black with some good success and happen to like the beige on black look a lot I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm still having issues with the wiring harness because I'm still having stuttering issues while driving. I will be pulling that wiring harness to see what it looks like after that. My next performance bit I think will be the Snabb FMIC and I'll be putting together a NA intake setup. I keep contemplating a larger turbo but not sure I want to do that. Right now it runs pretty good and I have no complaints at all on it. I picked up a set of Eiker E1's from Jesse/Jao over at tb they are currently painted black, I don't know if I'll be a fan but I'm going to test fit before I do anything to see if I like the black at all. And also if I like the overall look. I'll be rolling my fenders before they actually get tires. Did the test fitting of the rims last week, it came out pretty good, suspension isn't fully compressed so it'll poke even less I'm hoping. Rears won't need much work if at all, fronts will be interesting to see, I will still be going forward with fender rolling. I think I'll be going with 205/45/17r's on these the 225/45/17's kinda look funny to me honestly. The car has been running really well so I'm thinking the issues have cleared up. But enough babbling from me, here's some pictures! Fronts: Rears: Interested in what Eiker's look like on a P80 Platform, well here you go! Here is what it looks like on my 850 at stock height, when I go to 205/45/17 I'll go lower currently these are 215/45/17 Updating this with what has currently been done: Engine New engine from a 95 850R ECU setup with R Tune Silicone Vacuum Hoses New Radiator hoses IPD cone filter and heat shield Snabb Intake New Poly Motor and Poly Transmission Mounts new power steering pump and lines Thermostat Expansion Tank Coolant Expansion tank cap Silicone intercooler lines IPD TCV Suspension and Drivetrain Bilistine Touring Shocks and Struts New cv boots transmission seals replaced Interior New Dash from 95 850R Climate Control Computer Climate control module Both Heater Hoses heater hose firewall pass through Heater Fan Blower Climate control unit new horn ring tailgate repair Exterior blacked out grill side marker signals To do: Engine NA intake and Throttle Body FMIC Install IPD TCV Interior Install new headliner Finish dying carpet black Install Horn Ring Reconnect dash on mounting point replace older trim parts that broke Exterior Roll wheel wells Install StopTech Brake Lines Relocate Horns and re-install them Install new fog light bulbs Test fit Eiker E1's Eiker's are off to the tire shop to get some tires fitted on them!