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Found 1 result

  1. andyb5

    Andy's 2000 V70 R

    Here's the story behind my new-to-me 2000 V70 R. Its gonna be a long post, and picture heavy too! This thread will serve as a continuation of sorts of my 1999 V70 R build, which can be read here: The conclusion to that thread will come later this summer, as I will be pulling all the modifications of my 99 R, and transferring them to the 00 R. Now, onto the details of my new Venetian Red 00 R! My friend sent me the for sale ad on Facebook: For Sale Listing by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Here's a couple of the photos from the listing: 17620467_10154494181870784_372010645993208356_o by Andy Buresh, on Flickr 17620464_10154494182335784_8636334155269544591_o by Andy Buresh, on Flickr After spending a few weeks negotiating with the seller, I bought a one way flight to Denver, packed some tools in my bag (I did, however, forgot to pack underwear ) and went to visit some friends before picking up a car and driving it 1900 miles across the country back to New York!!! I landed in Denver Friday evening (May 12) in the early evening. While there, I got to check out the murals of the Denver Airport, and see all the other bits that are the basis for a long list of conspiracy theories. CD0E037B-3E37-400C-BC65-3B9EEC99E46C_zpsdkk1xhqi by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Here's how it sat when I picked it up from the seller at a shopping center a short walk from my friends apartment. 3E085BA8-179C-44A1-8A2E-76D24AD52A83_zpspm5hoheq by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Shortly after taking delivery of my R, I went on a hike in up Golden with my friends. The views were stunning to say the least. F107866E-885F-458D-96B5-147A206A9910_zpsdidwlu9z by Andy Buresh, on Flickr 2A293BF9-680B-4616-89D8-9C09AEC26E18_zpsnz8uztbw by Andy Buresh, on Flickr After lots of fun touring around the Denver area on Saturday, I packed my stuff into the car and started driving back to NY on Sunday morning (May 14th) with plans to stop at my friend's place in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Here are some photos from the drive Sunday. Nebraska was wide open, flat, and very easy to drive through: DSC_0429 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Panorama by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Drove through miles of turbines in Iowa (despite the picture being of a singular turbine). There's a Don Quixote joke here somewhere.... DSC_0438 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Cruising towards Cedar Falls, Iowa and got to watch the sun set DSC_0439 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr DSC_0443 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Sunday's drive was about 800 miles, which took about 12 hours, and the drive home was off to a great, relatively easy start. Here's how my car sat outside my buddy's place in Iowa on Monday morning 2F90F4FD-E9DC-497D-83FF-2EDEAC70CDA8_zpshxorvcge by Andy Buresh, on Flickr When I left Iowa Monday morning, my destination was headed to Anthony's (@apeacock) house near Buffalo, NY. Monday held about 850 miles of driving, which was about 13 hours of driving. Stopped for gas in PA. I had a hard time with card reader on the pumps though.... DSC_0465 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Made it to Anthony's around 10pm, did a quick test drive, and immediately face-planted into the extremely comfortable bed in Anthony's guest room. Monday morning before I left his house, Anthony took a cool photo of my wagon with his two wagons (99 R and 00 XC) AD9C4A8B-E5B0-485A-B77C-B0D08D8FB43C_zpsfg13jvwc by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Made good time on my way back to Troy on Tuesday morning - at this point, 300 miles seemed like a short drive to me I got to enjoy some really nice views in the mountains in western NY: DSC_0473 by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Here's how the odometer when I made it home: 568CF71D-B94C-4185-A996-1F446C56BBEA_zpsywubvime by Andy Buresh, on Flickr The entire trip was 1960 miles, and I managed an average of 26.8 mpg at an average speed of 70 mph. All of this was calculated from the trip computer. And here's how my two wagons sat when I got the office on Tuesday at noon: B3A2735B-B3FE-43FF-967C-25719CF8F975_zpsu4wuhzaa by Andy Buresh, on Flickr Earlier tonight I got it registered in NY, so now the build can begin. Stay tuned, this should be a fun project and I'm very excited to get working on it