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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so its a guilty pleasure. I listen to the worst music ever while working out. While working out I take a break from my usual Aerosmith, Rush, Cheap Trick soundtracks and lean towards NIN, Scissor Sisters, DMX, Jay-Z or something else with an easy cadence. With that said, I'll admit it. I run down the road keeping beat to, "I chased a squirrel/I kissed a girl" and I like it. I make no apologies. Waking up in vegas, yeah it sounds dated but beat is 110 range and its easy to work out to. Hot and Cold...... yeah I do feel a little queer for listening to that. I even labeled one of the tags for this blog as "gay. What I am about to say next surprised even me. I purchased the CD. It's not bad. Don't get me wrong. There are a lot of crap songs on it, but there are also a lot of good ones. I mean how can you not like a song called, Your So Gay(And you Don't Even Like Boys? Will I ever pour a glass of tequila, light up a cuban and put on the Katy Perry LP and relax to the smooth sound of 12 year old girl bubble gum pop? No, but the CD is worth a listed and should not be dismissed just on its fan girl following. You all have your own guilty listening. What trash music do you listen to that you are ashamed of? I'll admit it. I Chased A Squirrel, AND I LIKED IT.