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Found 3 results

  1. Whoever started this myth needs punched in the nards. I have worked building graphite auto parts since the 90s. There has never been a real shortage. There was a price increase due to the 777 and JSF, but I never once was told when ordering that the market was out and I would have to wait or simple could not get it. All through this "shortage" bikes, race cars, planes, kayaks, and a host of other items were still built and sold daily. So why did all these companies fold up shop who were making carbon fiber parts? Simple, they were not making carbon fiber parts. Thats right, you have been scammed. The vast majority of consumer carbon fiber parts are fiberglass with a single layer of graphite on the top. At the peak of this lame unpainted trend I remember seeing "carbon fiber" hoods for 400 dollars. Consumers got used to these prices. A solid graphite hood costs upwards of 2k. When the market price shot up these companies would have to raise their prices, which they did. Problem was the consumer didn't want to pay. So they simple closed shop and used the excuse "carbon fiber shortage". I saw a site today that still said they have limited quantities due to a graphite shortage. GTFO! Here: Carbon fiber, even on sale. So remember these simple rules when you purchase your next graphite item. 1. If its bigger than your head PAINT IT! 2. If the tells you there is a shortage tell them you will let them keep their rare product and order from somewhere else. 3. Ask for product photos to be taken in low light under direct flash. This will show all flaws in the resin or fabric. If they will not do this, punch them in the nards. 4. If the part is 90% fiberglass by weight, its a fiberglass hood not a graphite one. Save your money and buy the one they call fiberglass. 5. PAINT IT OR YOU DESERVE A PUNCH IN THE NARDS!