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Found 1 result

  1. I've searched and haven't seen this discussed on here. A popular thing to do these days is to convert your remote and key combo into one combined case with a flip key. I've seen version were the body from the later P2X models was used, but that required modifiing the circuit board to make the remote fit. In addition the buttons don't line up correctly which requires even more modification of the board or loosing the trunk opening button and panic button. But thanks to China there is now a X70 and X40 flip case available that looks factory and is adapted for 2/3/3+1 button remotes. These pictures show the 3 button version. It fits all X70 remotes without the red panic button. Build quality is okay, the plastic has a nice texture and feel to it and panel gaps are acceptable. Everything clicks together nicely so you are unlikely to have it fall apart during normal use. One really annoying thing is that the key blade is slightly loose and rattles. When looking carefully at it, the tolerances at the pivot point are to big, allowing the blade to move about 1mm at it's hinge. Some kind of wedge should stop the key from rattling. When releasing the key it snaps open with an acceptable speed, making a clunking sound when reaching the fully extended position. It locks in place in both the retracted and the extended position, apart from prying at it and damaging the mechanism it shouldn't move. Sadly the key blade doesn't stop at a 90° angle to the key base, so it's slightly at an angle. But you get what you pay for, these things are cheap. These are all the parts you get when purchasing one of these. You need to take apart the case to install your remote circuit board. Because whoever makes these things stupidly copied Volvo's design the opening to change the battery is in the wrong position and you can't really get to the battery. Or you could if you have a 4 or 5 button remote. You will have to dismantle the flip key every time you have to change the battery, which is needlesly complicated but easily done. I recommend putting some kind of bracing behind the circuit board to prevent it from flexing when pressing the button(s). On occasion I found it hard to press the trunk opening button and narrowed it down to the board flexing into the empty space instead of engaging the button. Technical info: Cars with immobilizer will have to transfer their transponder into the new case. Sadly there is only space for the '99+ transponder, '97 and '98 owners will have to get creative to install their transponder. Key blade can be cut to match your existing key. Quality is once again okay, at least the blade is mostly straight: Q&A for the usual questions: -"'98 doesn't have an immobilizer" -> EU spec cars do have one -"Can I get a used remote and key to use as parts" -> key transponders can not be reprogrammed, so you will have to use one of your own keys*. '98 remotes can be reprogrammed, '99+ can not be reprogrammed * -"Where do I buy this?" -> Ebay, look for flip key conversion Volvo 3 button or Alibaba *exceptions apply. Won't post a way to make your own keys as I don't want to be held liable when someones car goes missing. Edit: Fixed the pictures