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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Car is dead (2007 v70r). I found the extra set of keys and fob in a drawer yesterday. Are these useful at all? Free to anyone that can pick them up. I'm in Calgary. Email me at: If I don't hear from anyone by mid June I'll toss them. Thanks.
  2. ultra_runner

    Jan 25, 2007

    Received my RK Intercooler today complete with hoses, etc. Can't wait for the install. Waffle maker not included. Scott C.
  3. ultra_runner

    Sep 21, 2006

    This thread not be dead!!! The Project is still alive. I just needed to devote some time to other priorities that popped up, etc. However, I think it's time to start bringing thing together and get this sucka running. So, an update. I've got all the guages installed and wired up into the dash. I fixed a jeweled headlight assy after breaking it trying to figure out a projector project that went sour. Anyway, got those back in. But for the meaty stuff. I got some of my polished parts back today. WOW is all I can say. Here are some teaser pics. Headed to the machine shop tomorrow AM (2 hours away... one way) to check the status. Schedule said everything was to be finished today and going to inspect the work. May still be waiting for the custom grind cams to come back from So. Cal. If everything is ready to go, then I just need to figure how to get it out of hawk (...hope he takes food stamps). Then Doug K. is going to start bolting it together and that is when the fun really begins. Hope to pick up the new Civinco unit from Doug tomorrow and get that at least wired in while the dash is still "open". Anyway, hope to get this thread back alive and get this thing runnin'! Scott C.
  4. ultra_runner

    May 26, 2006

    Ok - took half a day off from work... ate some Indian food... took a nap and then worked on the car. So, I got all the M66 slave cylinder assy, piping, etc. ordered today. Also picked up a new accel cable assy to replace the one I broke . Gave a ring to the machine shop and greased the skids ($$$) to get them moving on my parts. I must have called 8 numbers trying to get someone who can get me a custom Sachs setup. Anyone out there have any connections, PM me please! I tied up some items in the engine bay and figured where I was going to run all the gauge wires through the firewall, etc. I've decided to put the front of the car back on for now. I wanted to keep it off while we got the engine, trans, IC mounted, etc. but I figure I can work around most of it if I am careful. I got all my ATP parts figured out... almost. Word to the wise to anyone who gets a new turbo exhaust housing. Always check inside. I found some left over burrs from when the drilled and tapped the housing. That sucker would fall off and go right down the throat. I wish ATP would check things like this more carefully. This is what the GT35R looks like with the .82 A/R housing and ATP's Ultimate Internal Wastegate setup. Notice how much wider the entire unit is compared to stock... thus I will need a custom 3" downpipe to be fabbed. Here it is looking into that ATP UIWG assy. I wish I still had that 16T laying around to do a side by side comparison Got lots of work to do over a three day weekend. Stay tuned. Scott C.
  5. ultra_runner

    May 13, 2006

    Yes - I am still alive and kicking! UPDATE: Still having issues getting my engine parts through the machine shop which is holding some things up. I may have to grease skids to get things... uh... "re-prioritized". Well, here are a couple pics of the GT35R that I will be using. I have some choice words for ATP for their lack of organization that has created some delays and then made me waste 90 minutes in my car yesteday. 'nuf said on that... but by Monday I will have a bunch of stuff ready for pickup from ATP including their Ultimate Internal Waste Gate. I will change that ex. housing to an .82 5-bolt to support the UIWG. Yes - that is a large KK Coffee sitting next to it!!! Here we have the just arrived in (as in yesterday) Brand New IPD front and rear sways along with Slater's QBM endlinks. Damn - Slater don't mess around with this stuff. Looks like they below on a Sherman Tank . I also picked up lower and upper mounts from QBM. I hope to get all of this installed today. If I can get the suspension stuff done today... I have 5 brand new AutoMeter guages that I will start installing. Will require punching another hole through the FW to get all the cables, etc. though. Next thread! Scott C.
  6. ultra_runner

    Mar 19, 2006

    Ok - Folks. A good friend of mine told me to take a look at the upper torque rod bushing... the one at the firewall. It's kind of funny how everyone looks that the front and they spend money on a poly bushing, etc. etc. Take a look at mine. There is nothing left of the bushing. You can see right through it!!! I guess the nice looking front poly bushing is meaningless if there is NO bushing left on the rear!!! WOW!!! Scott C.
  7. ultra_runner

    Mar 14, 2006

    Pistons and Rods - arrived today!!! The elusive Venolia .020 over forged pistons and SPM con rods arrived on my doorstep today as promised. Not much time to take a look at them. I'll sleep with them under my pillow tonight and they are being shipped off to the machine shop first thing in the morning. Can't wait to see all of this together!!! I also ordered my IPD sways today. If you don't know already - they are currently on sale!!! Scott C. Late Edit: I spent the evening pulling the headliner completely out of the car again so that I could get to the sunroof and fix the sliding cover. That mistake was costly in frustration and time. I got everything back in there. While I had the headliner out, I added a layer of Overkill sound deadening foam mat on the headliner. So many things - so little time.
  8. ultra_runner

    Mar 12, 2006

    No - haven't been goofin' off. Went to the Burger Ball yesterday and it was great to meet up with everyone again. Thanks to Pat and his folks for being such great hosts! Received in my new soon-to-be applied UR underdrive pulley. Everything went off last weekend to start getting machined. I should have the SPM rods and Venolia pistons in hand on Tuesday. Then - we're pretty much set for the engine build.
  9. Ok - this morning I went over the hill and kicked Pat outta bed to do the Atlantis deal and pick up (finally Kevin ) my Erebuni sideskirts. Wasting no time and even bypassing a Starbucks, I rushed on home and threw them on the car to check them out. I gave everything a quick cleaning. I have pics with and without the side skirts, but basically once the engine is in the 18" Atlantis rims should look something like.... this PS mockup??? Here is what is looks like today: The Erebuni side skirts gives an appearance of another 2" drop over the stock side skirts. Along with the new R bumper, this should look pretty hot! I'd need to get the CF lip with that too. Another angle of with and without the side skirts: Please no crap about I'm missing a window and a corner... Back to the project. Scott C.
  10. ultra_runner

    Feb 15, 2006

    OK - so here is a slight update... I finally got my Black Jeweled headlights in today from the SAM Sweden GB. It took 3 months... but hey, I got no dash... I'm not going anywhere!!! So - take a look guys. What do you think I should do with that Bi-Xenon projector sitting next to it??? Scott C.
  11. ultra_runner

    Dec 31, 2005

    Today's Progress; Learned a couple new things today... like how to strip cheap sockets on Swedish head bolts. But there was some good too! The FEDEX man kindly dropped off my brand new "R" bumper - many thanks for George for making this available. I might even be tempted to paint it black
  12. ultra_runner

    Dec 29, 2005

    S60R Exhaust Manifold finally arrived!!! I just love when FEDEX leaves gifts on my doorstep! These are a much better design that the 850 stock manifold. Now. Where is my Dremel??? Another score - $118 brand new - SHIPPED! Scott C.