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Found 3 results

  1. Hello! I'm new to the Volvo community and I'd like some help. I've owned a 2002 Volvo S60 T5 (5spd) and my dad broke it. I need a new engine and it's been sitting for a year. Once I get a new engine I know I have to fix her up. I know I need to drain the fuel or add a treatment (I put a full tank of gas the day he broke my baby 😭) and oil, also the brakes and I forgot what else. Since I'll be getting another engine and I'm going to to modify it and I'm going to be putting the following mods on my car: -CCI Air Itake -OBX Downpipe -Custom Equal length header back exhaust - ENEM Cams -SPEC Stage 2+ clutch kit -Carbon Fiber everywhere made by CF Werks -Some handling mods like Coilovers, Enike M25 rims, anti-roll bars ect I'd like to know how much boost the stock turbo can take and what's is the safer boost pressure to run on it. This car will be my daily driver while I convert my 02 wrx into a factory five 818c.
  2. Loose shift knob on s60

    Hi all, new to the forums, Ive got a 2001 volvo s60 T5 with a standard transmission. the one thing that annoys me lots is that the shift knob is loose on it. has a good 10 degrees of rotation on it. I have done some research and found out that this isnt a thread on but it was a lock. Turns out one of the studs on it has been half sheered off... Its not a safety hazard at the moment but Im just wondering if I can make it tight on there again.
  3. Donor Powered Seats S60

    Hi All, First post. Am one (of probably many) that has looked at a Volvo seat and thought "that looks damned comfy, perhaps that'll feel better in my landcruiser!". The Landcruiser is 1993 and doesn't have any electrics in the seating, or any electrics in general passed the absolute minimum. So after hunting in some scrap yards, I found two good looking 2002 S60 Leather seats. They look good, feel good. The left is manual and works just fine. The right is powered, and doesn't work quite so well. I cannot for the life of me get it going. I have the wiring diagrams, I've talked nicely to it, I've yelled at it, and then I've apologised to it about all those nasty things I called it's mother. I've got nothing. I have tested 12V straight on the motors and they move smoothly along with the seat. So there is clearly something wrong in between where I'm applying power, the switches, and it is going to the motors. I'll try a continuity test but my feeling is that, because the whole thing looks in good condition with no rust, ripped wires, corrosion etc, that I'm missing something glaringly obvious. If any of you have any knowledge to help me out that would be terrific - some pics attached. Thank you in advance!