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Found 1 result

  1. rusheR

    Project 95

    I was looking for a replacement for my wagon for a while now, and I wanted P2 wagon first, but I had a chance to pick up a pretty epic set of wheels, BBS e50s. Very light, magnesium, racing wheels. My worthy match? - Lo and behold - 1995 Volvo 850 Turdo, aka Project 95. There are several reasons why I got this, base 850 ( what is it btw? it's not even GLT, I think). I'm not going to keep it for a while, so I wanted something cheap. I needed auto, as we are going on a 4200 miles trip right after IPD garage sale, and I'm not the only driver, and non turbo is good to get a better millage for same reason. The thing is super sketchy to drive, brakes and suspension are first on the list to do. I've started ordering some parts, and I received eBay camber plates and TA- technix straight from UK few days ago. I have lightly used front pads and rotors from my VR, and I'm just waiting on rear brakes to install it alltogether. I'll be using D2 I have in the back , so if anybody want rear TA technix setup- hit me up. $120 + shipping Interior is basic- cloth seats and no dash trim, I would love to get my hands on tan R interior one day. I will be swapping to '93 front end too I had to go to Tacoma , and I borrowed a fender roller from Eric while I was there. Rolled my fenders couple days ago. So it's still a hardly drivable POS, but fenders are rolled haha Also test fitted E50s So that's the beginning of my all show , no go project, and there's nothing really to show yet, so there's tons of work ahead