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Found 11 results

  1. I am a long time loyal Volvo owner that has owned many Volvos over the years and owned P2 Volvos for a long time. I never once felt the need to go aftermarket until my horrible experience with our 2016 XC70 rear brakes. After my experience I feel like the TRW sourced rear pads don’t hold up. They are so bad in my opinion I have a hard time believing they are even TRW and wonder if these are actually Lucas since I believe TRW acquired Lucas. If that’s the case I’m not sure why Volvo would have sourced these but I think it would have to do with cost. I used to get up to 70,000 miles out of our P2 rear brakes so I know it’s not us. Personally, I don’t buy that it’s due to EPB or increased rear brake bias because the fronts still get the most brake distribution. I feel completely screwed because I don’t see any aftermarket alternative that I really feel comfortable with. I know people will throw all kinds of things out there but I need something high quality members have used for a long time and proven. When I say proven I mean original braking performance, smoothness, quiet with no noise but actually hold up in my opinion where I can get at least 30K from rear brakes. The problem I am having is everything is questionable. When I have tried even what were supposed to be quality aftermarket pads with my first Volvos many years ago they always seemed inferior and they always made noise. It also seems like everything aftermarket is now ceramic. My first instinct was ATE Pads but they appear to be ceramic. My concern is one website said ATE 602736 pads were discontinued and I found some on ebay but it makes me concerned there may have been some issue and even if they are great I may not be able to buy them for very long anyway so this option doesn’t look good. My second instinct is TRW has what I think they are pushing as kind of a premium black series pad. I looked at the reviews of these pads used with other brand vehicles and the reviews seem good and say they are quiet with good brake performance which has me leaning toward these. Textar was a brand I was considering but I believe that I read a forum post from a BMW owner that put these and Brembo rotors on the rear and said something I think like he kind of feels a delay before they grab unlike original brakes. This is something I cannot accept because I need something with original braking performance. I have seen Pagid brake pads but personally I think they look like too hard of a pad where there may be noise or decreased braking performance in my opinion. I am leaning toward the TRW Black TPC1307 Pads Now for rotors I don’t know if the rotors with uneven wear rings, grooving and scoring I never seen before that you can see in my video are because Volvo is now using a really soft rotor material or just the pads being inferior in my opinion did this. Now I’m trying to decide if I should go with Volvo rotors or try aftermarket. The only possibly decent aftermarket rear brake rotor I found seems to be Brembo 09958711. I would NOT go with Brembo aftermarket pads because I think I saw a review complaining about noise even when using with Brembo rotors. My only concern is that I remember when I tried Brembo rotors years ago with my first Volvos Brembo had started putting these stupid wear indicator dimples in the contact area even though none of the online photos showed these. I believe I called them to complain and think I ended up sending the rotors back. Also, how low should you safely be able to wear your rear brake pads down to? Shouldn’t you be able to wear pads down to 2 or 3mm safely and as long as there is still some pad material left the rotors shouldn’t be grinding or scored? I know this sounds like a stupid question but I never experienced anything like this. Here is a video that shows the pads and rotors so you can see the wear Here is my article I wrote about my new Volvo rear brake experience I’m leaning toward the TRW Black TPC1307 rear pads with Volvo rotors and seeing what happens but it’s not a cheap experiment if the rotors are somehow part of the problem and wear like before so it’s kind of a tough one. I would appreciate proven suggestions for P3 aftermarket rear brakes.
  2. 2006 Volvo v70 (120,000 miles) part out list of parts below: Box #1 Steering wheel Trunk hatch carpeted trim Center console Box #2 Car jack and breaker bar red handle and tow bar A/C compressor Windshield wiper motor Accelerator pedal Fuel door lock solenoid Navigation Antenna Antenna amplifier (green or orange x2) Ignition immobilizer Ignition switch starter Turn signal stalk Sensor alarm Seat belt restraints (x2) Door sill plates (x2) Metal radio pocket Volvo plastic radio pocket Radio A/C control unit Side view mirror left Servotronic fuse relay Trunk latch Windshield wiper stalk Overhead light driver front Rear bumper trim (x2) Dashboard trim Instrument border Rear speaker covers Driver motor seat controls Passenger motor seat controls Gear shifter Steering wheel column cover Door speaker covers front (x2) Center console trim (x2) Rear carpeted trim panels (x2 one thin one thick) Front cupholders Rear cargo upper trim with dome light Master cylinder Box #3 Side view mirror right Wooden door handle trim pieces (x4) Fuel pump regulator Overhead dome light rear Windshield rain sensor Tan headrest with long spikes Tan headrest with brackets (x2) Rear armrest with cupholders Flip down sun shield left (red wire) Flip down sun shield right (green wire) Rear view mirror and wiring harness Power steering pump tank Right upper brake light Right lower brake light Armrest for front seats Driver window switch box Front passenger window switch Airbag sensor Rear speakers (x2) Box #4 Side airbags (x2) Spare tire Rear fuse relay box Rear third brake light Emergency brake with leather Rear trunk speaker trim (x2) Right rear trunk carpet trim Box #5 All 4 door panels Back hatch carpeted floor (x2 one thin one thick) Rear bottom single seat Single seat leather upper Double seat leather upper Left and right rear seat bolsters Right front carpet Left front carpet Drivers front seat Passenger front seat Rear trunk hatch trim Box 6 Braking systems (x2) Glove box Emergency brake trim (x2) Center console back plate Passenger lower dash cover Floor door trim (x2) Front door handles License plate frame Seat railing covers Box 7 Instrument cluster 163000 Radio trim Shifter trim Trunk trim (long back piece (x2) and shoulder piece Floor door trim (x2 longer pieces) Rain sensor cover Dash radio storage box Fuse panel cover Gas tank cover Front air bag crash sensor Rear air bag crash sensors Air bag impact sensor Headlight switch Hazard light switch Dashboard airbag Ecu Box 8: Miscellaneous On pallet not in box: Door pillar vents (x2) Torque rod Windshield wiper motor cover with seal Trunk pillar covers (x2) Left side skirt cover Right side skirt cover Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 longer) Left and right side door trim panel moulding (x2 shorter) Trunk trim with cut out for lock Trunk trim no cut out Dashboard Left and right trim railings (x2)
  3. Guest

    2nd Annual Volvos at "Par Sem"

    This summer save Saturday August 6th to spend a memorable day at the 2nd Annual Maine VCOA Summer Event being held in conjunction with one of New England's Best Car Shows, the Par Sem Day Auto Show in Parsonsfield, Maine. Besides being a great show with 200ish Classic Cars, Hot Rods, Trucks, Tractors , Foreign Cars and of course Volvos, this is a great family day activity. Featuring all-you-can-eat New England breakfast (yes there will be homemade beans), Maine flavor music, Crafts, Ice Cream and of course the fabulous 1830's Seminary in the process of being lovingly restored with the proceeds from this and other events. A $5 donation for entry of your Volvo will be graciously accepted. 4 Volvo Awards Classes + Longest Distance Traveled Award + Volvo Best of Show More info contact: Joe Kendall @ or check the following websites: or (current events) or (Events - August). Cell: 207-232-3369
  4. Well, here goes, this is a very late upload so I hope I haven't forgotten anything or duplicated too many of the photos, either way it should be a fun way for you guys to kill 5-10 minutes in your days tomorrow Enjoy. This is going to be a story/build thread, as my previous thread was deleted or archived with the updates/backups to the website. Three years ago I bought a 1997 850R from Brandon (Volvoskiah) from the NEC. The car was owned by one owner it’s whole life from 14,000 to 198,000 with immaculate records and unbelievable maintenance by a Volvo dealer out in Massachusetts. I flew out on about a weeks’ notice because I knew this wagon would not last, and this had always been the car I had wanted since I got bit by the Volvo bug in 2009! Fast forward three years and two months ago. I had bought a 98 V70 AWD of the Coral variety with a blown motor about a year ago from a couple in Connecticut and had it towed to Brandon and Tom’s shop in Holyoke. They had a 2000R motor that they were going to throw in it when they had some time. This summer everything got put into the Coral and I was going to go pick it up. We started discussing my 855R and how I had been wanting to manual swap it for a while now. We then got the bright idea to RN/M56H swap it since my motor had 235,000 on it. Seeing as I had to go pick up the Coral anyways…. Why not drive the R up and swap it at the same time! :lol: Many parts were bought and plans were set. Time for pictures and shenanigans! We left Friday, my Dad came with to drive the Coral back as I would be driving the R back. He also was the dedicated camera guy all weekend long, so 99% of these photos are credit to him, as my hands were full of grease for three straight days A member and good friend also came with to stretch his S70’s legs before his trip to Vegas, Jay (Modman), and the project really could not have been finished without him. 3am! Meeting Jay at the rest stop. Jay! Creepin’ Last gas station stop being automagic for the rest of its’ life. My pops drove for a while and I took the liberty to take some scenery and rolling pictures. Mostly through New York and slightly into Massachusetts. Enjoy. Okay so, obviously I am not a professional photographer so I feel some turned out decent, but I uploaded all of them just cause of simplicity Rolling shots of Jay’s car, I hope at least one turned out, you need one in your sig my friend Award for most ugly body-kit Does anyone smell Salmon? What a cool Mercury. Lee, this is for you The guy was really cool and we talked while driving and said he liked the wagon Father Klopcic! Arrived in Holyoke! Brandon and Dillon! Brandon’s’ family’s chariots Mike this is for you Friday night we brought all the parts and the wagon to the shop in Holyoke. Everything was loaded into the garage and we went and rested up till our 8am wake-up time! Day 1: Saturday Removal of hood, so as to save my head from hitting it all the time Tearing into it. Goodbye 234,000 2.3L, you have been great to me, stay alive in Brandon’s T5M Jay, Brandon and I discussing RN swaps and how much Jay realizes he needs an RN motor Well help beautiful! Not the car, I’m talking about you Tom Tom towed the XC with his newly swapped R, which is awesome by the way. He had stripped the entire engine except for the engine mounts and the sub frame so it was an easy pull on this one. Started to strip the ’01 motor of its accessory stuff, and replacing it with my 97 stuff. I promise I did stuff while they were pulling off the other stuff. This is the piece that messed up on us 50 miles into the drive home. RMS is a moody oh yeah!. New RMS will be going in on the 18th of October. But we did replace it with a new unit and I think it may have folded in on itself but I will post an update on this come the time the engine comes out just a month after it got put in! So many Volvo’s! So this concluded Saturday, it was incredibly hot all day and it started to rain around 9pm so we headed back and ate a delicious dinner with chili as the main dish, which was absolutely amazing, made by Brandon’s mother. We also got to sit and talk about the day and the plan of action for tomorrow, seeing as we needed to get it done! Off to bed and onto 8am tomorrow morning for the final stretch! Day 2: Sunday Didn’t get any pictures of pulling the old out of my wagon cause my Dad was going to get breakfast for errbody. But Tom and I manhandled it like champs and got it out. Here is how the 2.4L sat when we got the trans mated up and everything ready for the accessories to go on! Here is an issue we ran into. This I'm dumb exhaust stud broke in the head as we were pulling off the old exhaust manifold. My Dad worked on it for about 4 hours on Sunday trying everything we could, but to no avail, so when we put the exhaust gaskets on we slathered the entire backside with an exhaust manifold gasket sealant, so far it has held up great and no leaks. I’ll eventually get a new head in the future I’m sure so that’ll solve that problem when I swap it, but it’s working great right now Jay taking a well-deserved break, he put pretty much all the accessory brackets and associated parts on the new motor… what a guy! Brandon grabbing a seat in the bay Getting ready to go in! Yay kneeling in the bay. Now I know everyone has seen an engine being lifted into a Volvo before, but damn this took precision and lots of patience with having to have the door open, to closing it, to opening it part of the way, to closing it again! But she’s in. This is my favorite picture of the entire weekend. We still had everything to button up but it was in and was such a feeling of accomplishment. This really captures what a great bunch of guys you all are. I cannot thank you enough for everything you did to help all weekend, you are all truly great friends After that Jay had to leave due to work the next day at 3pm so we had to say goodbye and he started the 14 hour journey home!
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    From the album: Car Pics

    The day I bought my baby
  6. Updating the feeds at:
  7. From the album: Other Volvos

    K-PAX Racing was represented by Robert Thorne driving the #80 K-PAX Racing C30 GT-R for the very first time. Friday was spent primarily getting accustomed to the new car as well as working on set-up in order to optimize the car to the standardized series tire. “We came here this weekend with the car setup according to how we had run it in the World Challenge series last year, but we quickly learned that the tires used in the USTCC required a very different setup in order to create a well-balanced car”, commented Team Manager, Bob Raub.
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    From the album: BtownVolvo

    January iPhone wallpaper
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    Sirona PSready

    17x7.5 OEM On 2012 C70
  10. Active Research & Development Volvo Advanced Real-time Computer upgrader. It's a mouthful so they called it the ARDVARC. They created the ARDVARC to provide a user controlled ECU upgrade process. Read more here:
  11. Lexington, Ohio (Aug 5, 2011) – K-PAX Racing, the World Challenge GT Manufacturers’ and Drivers’ champion in 2010, enjoyed a solid day of qualifying at round seven of the Pirelli World Challenge Championship at Mid Ohio, with three out of the four of the teams cars qualifying in the top three in both the GT and Touring Car classes. Read more: