Where Are Places Rot Forms On A 940?


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I just got a 940 1991 sedan. I paid about $2000 for it. I looked very carefully for rust. There is almost none underneath from the front to the rear wheels. Some of the seems in back are starting to puff up but not seriously yet. I made sure there was no rot in the sill along the trunk where a bunch of leaves where. All but the drivers door is almost rust free, drivers door is beginning to rot at bottom inside. Some very minor bubbling around the windshield. Drives great. Was this car worth 2 grand with that kind of rust?

The thing that scares me is the gutters that go down next to the windshied are totally clogged and they are riveted on so I can just imagine how much rust I'll find when I take them off. Should I drill out the rivets, clean the gutter and find screws to screw back on? I should probably mention these gutters are totally folded into the car so they can't be powerwashed, noticed the years before and after are not like that. Maybe I should use a pipe cleaner?

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Thanks for the Reply Three Fat Tigers! Where are you from by the way? Was wondering if you lived in the south, being that you've never seen a rusty 940. Yeah that would be great if you could ask about that for me. Just looked at your profile, are the 92 and 94 that you have like that? My moms 89 and my dads 95 are not like that so wondering when it stopped and started. This really does look like a problem area! It's full of straw and dirt.

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