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Oh the irony!!!

SEIU/ACORN Chief asshole and regular Obama dinner guest Andy Stern is going to be appointed to commission on debt reduction.

The largest growing sector of the economy is govt labor unions with all their unfundable pensions, ridiculous benefits and unsustainable pay scales. His kinda people.

NYTimes CBS pole: 35% of voters said they voted for Obama. He had a 53% majority. Can you say RUN AWAY!!!!!.

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Khax, khax, khax,...

Reading Obamas talking points again?

Govt makes things big and slow.

Private industry, with competition, keeps things streamlined and innovative.

WHy? Because govt doesnt make a profit on any thing, and has no shareholders to answer to. It has a captive consumer that cant go get it else where cheaper, better, faster.


End of lesson.

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lol, well all I know is USPS has done great by me lately.

I sent out our wedding invitations on Saturday to a lot of people... everyone got them on Monday. From Cali to MA. I was impressed.

Lucky sent my ECU out on the 2nd... and it is said to be here to day from WA to VA in 2 days... crazy!

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