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Das (dependable Auto Shippers)

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use these guys!

I had a 1997 850 R to be shipped from Austin Texas to Washington DC. Other places charging me $1500 to $1000 to $700 to ship it and that did NOT include insurance.

DAS charged me $539 including shipping insurance ($50,000 worth of damages) from a terminal in Austin to a terminal near my house in Manassas VA.

well not only was it super cheap but it came 6 days early! Shipped out on Jan 10th, expected to get to the terminal in VA the 21st of Jan... got there the 16th! I was so happy and it was so fast. Car showed up perfect and the pre-shipping inspection they do is 2nd to none!.. They recorded every little scratch on the car and I got to check them off when I got the same documents in VA.

I totally recommend it to anyone wanting to ship their car.

A+ awesome

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I want to ship my vehicle, and i am confuse about different option, I am actually low in money, Shifting my home from New jersey to Los Angeles, I need shiping for my car. I searched lot i am not satisfied. So suggest me some shipping agency.Thanks.

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