1998 V70 Xc From The Beginning... to the End


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Looks very impressive, congrats on squeezing in that killer tubular manifold back there.

What were your gains from the intake manifold when you installed that, anything profound numbers wise or was it more of an eye-catcher?

The intake makes more of a (noticable) difference than the headers. Having much shorter runners improves the breathing at higher rpms. The larger plenum helps too.

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Have you had it out and at high boost yet? Should net you a good gain but I am curious about throttle response and lag time.

Throttle response is still good - that may be in part due to the Enem Cams - with the stock cams it had a flat spot on tip in that went away with the Enem's. Cruising & low speed response is still good, I can keep it in a higher gear & still have it pull in the 2K range. If I want to romp, I would downshift of course, but this does make it practical for DD useage.

Haven't really evaluated what change it has made to spool & lag. I'll do more testing & data logs to refer to for that.


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On 9/20/2011 at 8:30 AM, notaduc said:

So, maybe I missed this but it seems like you used the five speed shifter with a 6 speed box?

Yes - it makes no difference what shifter you use - the gate is internal to the trans - the shifter is completely open.


detent spring


I did combine some of the parts from the "spaceball' shifter housing, but not needed.


Housing is raised, due to short shifter - which requires more underside clearance


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Just updating with recent revisions - & reworked intake plumbing






intake & BOV dump reworked for better alignment with custom intake


Still using the K&N RX-4870 filter in here- it's stretched pretty tight over the 3.25" MAF housing



Still no time to do the Spec stage III clutch & KU SM flywheel.

Stiffer rear springs & shocks will probably be done before that happens.

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Spec clutch? Ha that's funny I just installed their stage 2 + version on my car.

Which car, the '99? Are you coming to Carlisle next year/ I missed your cooking this past year :D

Throw some launch control on there as well. The new clutch will likely handle some slippage without siezing. You might be able to get some decent passes at a strip now H.

I like that idea.

I'll have to discuss it some.

I'm also putting in a larger IC - my 3.5" core is currently swedged between the bumper & AC cond - so I'm going to go with a 31x12x3 (vs. 28x8x3.5) which will give a smidgeon of breathing space on either side. It will mean cutting out the valance & tie bar...


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Worked out a

That thread has all the gory details of my mis-measurements since I built the support before I took the car apart.

This is the revised plumbing overview


overall support design


amended ends for actual installation


center header panel connection


removed this:


installed this (made from the top section of a V70 bumper bar to match the stock contour):




Rad AC IC sandwich




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