S60.....it Was A Good Run.


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obviously better looking is subjective and you didn't ask about reliability, and to be honest that was one of the most reliable cars audi ever made - between their 5cylinder turbo ( <3 the aan), manual trans, and quattro with locking diff the car was a beast.

i've been pwned

yea you're right i did not ask about reliability

but have you owned this car? you seem to be basing your opinion off of a review and not your own experience

my dad's friend had one, until the motor blew up at 190k, and until then the car was waaaay more of a PITA than it was worth

constant CEL's, shop visits 1 to 2x's a month, a few hundo's every 3 or so months to get it in drivable condition

but what can you expect with volkswagen/audi other than headaches, and a scene almost as big as the chinese population?

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i owned a salvaged (flood) 93 ur-s4 (carbon fiber trim w00t) that i ran for awhile, no mods really other than samco's, euro bumper, random tune and avus' on an aan with 150k+. eventually mold got into a lot of places it shouldn't have and the car got parted, still have the spoiler since it was the last part of the car i had haha as for reliability, i had never broken down and even used it to tow a ford ranger out of a ditch, and an a8l that got stuck in the snow. i can't speak personally about the s6, but ur never disappointed.

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