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Sorry to go off topic alittle, but I thought the ipd vms wheels were made for ipd only? Why are they on this car? Are they just replicas of that volvo wheel?

those are volvo OEM tritons. HUGE difference between those and the IPD VMS wheel, look a little closer

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Looks like they just took out the rivets and shaped it a tad bit differnt? Sorry I missed the announcement thread on the new wheels.

the only thing they have in common is that they are both mesh wheels...

the only wheel that looks anything like the IPD VMS wheel to me is the BMW CSL wheel



now compare these to the triton wheels and you'll see they really arent in any way similar


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Ahh I see the difference now! Funny that the tritons you posted are cut different than these tritons


Owell, the wheel looks good anyways!

they are slightly different!

i think there was a 17" version too, maybe one of those is 17 the other is 18? maybe one of our OEM wheel experts will chime in? lol

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Sorry to be a party pooper but IMO whats wrong with the current set of rims?

there is nothing wrong with them but I wanted to go a size bigger and wanted black rims for a different look.

Hopefully my rims are ready by tomorrow so I can pick them up. Comets are going to be for sale if anybody

is looking for a set.

Thanks Jacob

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