Ipd Vms Wheels Matte Black


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I honestly dont like them that much. They looked better online. <_<

it might be because of the car....we need to see them on an 850 or 70 car that is slammed....with some stretch...bet they would look good on that type of car...

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Got my new falken ze512 tires put on today with the new wheels. I really like the look of them. I need to get some

ipd lowering springs and some new headlights. But I am very pleased on the look. Thank you IPD!!! -Jacob






Nice wheels, saw them and wanted them too. Lowered will be very nice.


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That grille needs some touching up.

thanks for the photoshop. next on my to do list is ipd springs and i need struts but dont know what type to get.

And projectors. I know im retouching up the grille this weekend.

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Won't pass judgment on the wheel choice till I actually see them in person. It seems that dark wheels tend not to photo very well, perhaps you could take some pictures in better lighting conditions to see if they show up better.

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Good to see you didn't sell it Jacob. Wheels look great!, Now like everyone else here, drop it a bit.

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