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In the area 6/30 and thought I'd come in to Fremont Motorcars Volvo for an oil change service and service light reset (which comes on about every 5,000 miles as an oil change reminder in these Volvos). I usually change my own oil but I was out of Mann Oil Filters (brand Volvo uses OEM). I've had this done before at other dealers multiple times and thought nothing of it. I have a lot going on, tired just wanted to have it done.

In fact in regard to the "Service Light" (again to be clear "NOT" the MIL/Check Engine Light) in the years after, Volvo changed the way the Service Reminder Light could be reset as they realized it became annoying to customers where they could simply reset it "themselves" through a sequence of pushing the Tripometer reset combined with an Ignition Key sequence. However, not the case with the '98 S/V 70 series.

I told Steven Munoz I had 6 quarts of synthetic oil on the seat and just needed an Oil and Filter Change along with the Service Reminder Light Reset (which is basically there to remind customers to change their oil, it serves no other purpose as it is on a timer and the car cannot and does not know when or what services were performed and in fact "ALL" services have been performed because I have done most of them myself or have had them performed already). I kindly stated that I do most of my own work (in a very nice way), and the vehicle doesn't need anything else so I wasn't interested in and couldn't afford anything they might be trained to upsell (which I wasn't kidding about).

He starts off by abruptly replying "we cannot reset the service light". I reiterated that this is NOT the MIL/Check Engine Light thinking we must not have been on the same page being this has NEVER been a problem anywhere else. He replied "we cannot, it is ILLEGAL and AGAINST THE LAW unless we perform service". I replied that they would be performing service, the Oil Change with that service light was basically designed to remind customers of. I even offered to PAY extra for the Service Light Reset. He said, nope not that service, "no can't do it".

That's when I knew right away that either this guy or this entire operation was completely "sleazy" because I know he was lying straight to my face therefore insulting my intelligence and I strongly believe trying to "rip me off" (hoping I'd say oh sure, service it even though it didn't need any!) like I'm assuming he or your operation must do to other customers who don't know any better, probably on a regular basis.

I replied that this was ridiculous and I never heard anything like this in my life. I told him, "I'm not new to this" and he replied "I'm not either", I then said "look, you're insulting my intelligence and running a scam or you don't know what you are talking about". He replied that he wasn't, which was obviously doublespeak because that's exactly what he was doing.

I asked to speak to a manager he replied "I'm second in command" (what is this the NAVY?) and that the general manager was going to tell me the same thing. Then he took me to where the General Manager was and he wasn't there. Then some fellow sleazeball came out like some kind of bouncer escorting me out like you guys are prepared for angry customers.

Unless he is paid by commission and just some rouge employee I would then believe he is "trained" by your establishment to try and pull these kinds of scams on people. Attached is an image of YOUR SOCALLED ILLEGAL SERVICE LIGHT RESET WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW you claim. In fact, how about this? I am hereby requesting that in writing, signed with your company name and address in a scanned image attached to a reply to this email, which shouldn't be a problem as you were telling the truth, right? I'll be expecting that too.

Anyway, first I regret ever stepping foot into your shady establishment. Second, "you" will now regret that I stepped foot in your "shady" establishment unless I get that compelling signed document that states what I was told is in fact true (which it's not).

It's not because "you" tried to rip me off it is because you are obviously ripping off and lying to others. I know better but most people don't and it seems apparent that you being completely dishonest and it is really bad when all you came in for was a damn oil change and you can't even get your oil changed without already seeing that your sleazy operation was already trying to rip me off or lie to me.

I wouldn't want you even touching my Volvo as you seem like the kind of establishment that would "make things wrong" even if there wasn't, thank God you guys are so arrogant you made it obvious up front how dishonest you are.

Work I've done myself in last 10,000 miles:

F/R Brakes and Pads, OEM Plugs, Wires, Cap and Rotor, Upper and Lower Torque Rod Mount, Side Rubber Mount, Firewall Mount, Trans, PS, Dot 4 Brake Fluid, Complete PCV Breather Box / Separator service, Coolant, OEM Fuel Filter, Vacuum Line Elbows

Work I've had done elsewhere in last 10,000 miles:

Tires, Timing Belt, Crank Seal, Inner and Outer Tie Rods, 4 Wheel Alignment, OEM Boge/Sachs Front Struts, Rear Shocks with Spring Seats, Rear Mounts

Tell me what service does it need oh honest ones? Are you going to tell me I need to change the blinker fluid, the flux capacitor? What? Tell me, I'd like to know!

Not one leak or clunk, drives quiet, perfectly fine, again IT JUST NEEDED A FREAKIN OIL CHANGE AND THE REMINDER RESET? That wasn't good enough though because you have to upsell service EVEN WHEN IT IS NOT NEEDED and try and rip everyone off?

I tell you lots of shady businesses are going under because of the economy, more people are doing more research before buying from or having their vehicles serviced by someone as people aren't throwing around money quite like they used to, at least not as many people. You guys run your operation like this and you might not have jobs before you know it.

You guys obviously don't get it. Something as simple as an oil change and reminder reset, someone like me may come in for something simple but later come in for something major but now people like me will never have you do any major services EVER.

Again attached is an invoice of the "ILLEGAL SERVICE REMINDER RESET" I had done elsewhere just to prove how they are scam artists.


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