Hussein's 1998 V70 Xr : The Force Awakens


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Played with the WOT sliders some, ended up with areas a little on the lean side. Not much point going WOT in 4th below around 3,8K, it doesn't build til then anymore. Don't hit full MAF load until almost 7K in 4th, 6,7K in 3rd gear.



2nd 3rd uphill - 3rd really feels lovely up top :D



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Worked on heat sheathing the brake & fuel lines in proximity of the header collector & runners. That exposed line is for EBP.


I redid the ECU vent, with the extra radiant bay heat, I figured it would be better to have this functioning - I've just had the neck tucked down behind the headlight since I went FMIC. Drilled a hole in the fan casing....


with a filter to keep water out


Then I started looking at the very rich part load AFR's - ignore the highlighted low load areas - the other cells are the load range where the mixture was way too rich (4800 5800 6800). These areas are hit around 10-15psi boost, at around 50% throttle. When I had installed the Garrett 60-1 wheel & housing, I had to enrich that area of the map, then lean it out again. With the custom intake & header, it seems a more linear fuel enrichment will work again (all earlier maps were mostly linear increases, with a couple of exceptions at certain load areas).


So I reduced the fuel map cells in that area, but still way too rich



So I reworked the whole fuel map, raised the WOT sliders to make sure it's not too lean. Now I know that's pretty much OK, I need to do some 4th gear pulls & adjust the WOT sliders.





Feels pretty good, no more extreme rich AFR's. Now I have to tweak the WOT sliders to even it out.

Rev007 Fuel




REV007 WOT - this will likely change quite a bit - I just raised all the values compared to the earlier version, since I leaned out the whole 28% up load cells. I need some 4th gear pull data to make changes here.


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Had the opportunity to adjust the WOT settings today. This was after compensating for the previous logs



Still too rich, esp 5800 -7100 so I leaned out the WOT settings in the 5800, 7200 settings - over 7200 AFR's look pretty good.

then in this subsequent 4th pull, it was too lean lower down, 4200-5400, so I raised those settings somewhat. I'll see how it goes from here.



WOT sliders are pretty close to where I had them with the old map

3800 up

-4 -6 -8 -11 -18 -18 -17 -15

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Did a pull today - without the AC on - the AFR's are leaner than before at the same settings.... pulls great & timing is good, even if the AFR's are higher than preferred.


60-100 & 60-120 times are better than above pull by at least a second.


so, I raised the WOT sliders a couple of points, and I'll see how it goes tomorrow afternoon.

I'll be installing this also, dual boost gauge - there's a green needle behind the red one - so I can view IBP & EBP together. They don't make a dual boost that also registers vacuum, and since the EBP is higher than the IBP, I figured I'd better get one that registers over 30psi.


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Looks good H! That's a big improvement in 60-100mph times :tup: Now I'm really tempted to lean mine out some more.

Wouldn't have been possible with the stock intake & exhaust manifold - no way the motor would still be pulling like that over 6600rpm :D Once I have this refined, I'll see if I can get my WI working...

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Did 2 4th gear pulls today


what's puzzling me is I enriched the WOT settings, but... it's leaner in the 2nd pull, at lower boost. More timing, though.

Watching the dual boost, IBP/EBP stay pretty close together, but by the time I hit 17psi under extended WOT conditions, the EBP rises dramatically (1bar over IBP)

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what's puzzling me is I enriched the WOT settings, but... it's leaner in the 2nd pull, at lower boost. More timing, though.

That is strange. You would think if no changes were made to the fuel map, that ADDING boost would result in leaner readings. That would make the most sense. May want to do a few more pulls and see how it acts.

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Waiting for LMA-3 to come back, should be here Tuesday. Haven't had any opportunity to do any hard pulls to check current adjustments to tune.

This is a crappy vid of the dual boost gauge, hard to hold camera & drive

XR Dual Boost Gauge

I stripped the IC hotside to reduce potential heat soaking of the pipe.



gave the intake a little buff while the pipe was off


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Besides the IATs, you gotta keep that data nice and cooled hehe, always thought of just running a laptop fan mounted and cut right on the box...even thought its completely unecessary...

Still thinking about louvers/vents?

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