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Stcc: Tommy Rustad Is The New Champion

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Volvo took a clean sweep of the Swedish Touring Car Championship finale. Tommy Rustad took the title, Robert Dahlgren won the race and Polestar Racing secured the team championship title.

"I am very proud to win the biggest championship in Scandinavia as a Norwegian," said Rustad.

By TouringCarTimes Saturday, 26 September 2009 18:16 CET

Rustad ended on the same points as Thed Björk. The rules say that when drivers end up on the same points, the final race of the year decides it.

"It came to what we feared ahead of the race, the crash with Dahlgren at Knutstorp decided the title for my part," said Björk.

Björk disappeared in the first corner after a crash with Richard Göransson. In fact, all four BMW drivers of Flash Engineering and WestCoast Racing ended up in the gravel trap in the first corner of the first lap.

Björk and Göransson came together at the exit of the first corner, resulting in Göransson spinning on to the grass, coming back on to the track and hitting Björk. Both cars ended in the gravel with terminal damage to the cars.

Instead Robert Dahlgren, Mattias Andersson, Pontus Mörth and Tomas Engström took over the show. Dahlgren charged quickly up in to the lead and was untouchable. The Volvo drivers finished two seconds clear of Andersson.

Engström, who held pole position, fell down to third ahead of Mörth.

Rustad had a scary moment mid way in to the race as he was over taken by Roger Eriksson. The Volvo driver fell down to sixth at that point which meant that he would be second in the championship.

But Rustad was able to fight back and finished fifth, just enough for the title.

Robin Rudholm was able to return after the first corner incident to finish sixth ahead of Eriksson.

Fredrik Ekblom, Patrik Olsson and Johan Kristoffersson rounded off top ten.


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Very Cool!


Headlines here.... "Gordon Takes Pole"....most knew that years ago!


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