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New Here Some Photos Of My Ride

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yup pcv is done along with vacuum hoses which where waaaaay to brittle, next is to switch to silicon intercooler hoses along with the radiator hoses. :)

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Ended up having the HG go bad on me and after a lot of back and forth I decided to do an engine swap with the help of a friend because I got all kinds of crazy quotes, and nutty statements from other sources or people that just plain fell through on me, we got it to fire up last Friday but a few odds and ends had to be replaced I pick it up from my friend's place on Friday I'm excited :D It feels like we've put a lot of work into it over the past couple of weeks since we have only been working on one day out of the week. In reality we have all of 13 working hours into everything. I'm sure if I did this again in the future we could cut all of it down significantly. Here's what been updated

New engine from a 95 850R

Silicone Vacuum Hoses

New Radiator hoses

IPD Short Ram intake

Snabb Intake

New Poly Motor and Poly Transmission Mounts

New Dash from 95 850R

R Tune ECU

cv boots replaced

transmission seals replaced

new power steering pump and lines

blacked out grill

side marker signals

Climate Control Computer

Climate control module

Both Heater Hoses

heater hose firewall pass through

Heater Fan Blower Climate control unit


Expansion Tank

Coolant Expansion tank cap

Silicone intercooler lines

I discovered a few things that could wait till later to fix and those will be next up to replace and those were Cruise Control Pump, Horn Buttons, Horn Ring, and the odometer bezel gear. After pulling the dash that dash pad is stupid easy to remove and so is the steering wheel.

Next up:

Relocate horns

newer egg crate grill

Headliner sag repaired

new shocks

Replace Seat upholstery

Silicone intercooler lines

NA TB and 960 TB plate

NA Intake

Repaint of bumper and lower trim

Either Get bottom half of 3rd Row seat or remove and put in the inserts without the third row seats

clear turn signals

There is probably a lot more that I've missed, but since today, I will post pictures when I get it back and detail the process which was a bit of a journey for me to say the least :|

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updating with "I drove it from here to there" wasn't so interesting, it was mostly just saving bits and pieces here and there :)

once I had done enough I figured I'd update

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Didn't know the Turbo's came with the Cetus wheels. I have some Volans or Columbas you might like better.

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They don't :) that was something the PO did but I haven't been on the lookout for rims yet, when i do I'm thinking volans or tritons

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So removed the old dash because anytime you'd accelerate the whole dash would come forward, my glove box was kinda sagging and I realized that the frame of the old dash was very much broken. Picked up a "newish" dash from a local member had to rebuild a few parts, but nothing some aluminum a rivet gun and a cutter couldn't fix. After about 30 minutes later we were ready to take the old dash out.

removed the dashpad and this bit crumbled:


after that we sorta pulled it out in chunks because it was basically destroyed and were left with this.


at this point I took the time to replace my Climate Control Computer, Climate control module, and heater hose firewall pass through, with those replaced it was time to put the new dash in.


I'm pretty happy with the results and there's a few things here and there that I'll need to replace down the road but it feels pretty nice to have a dash that doesn't move forward or creak or snap when you open the glove box. Sorry if the photos are blurry these are taken with my cell phone. As I said I pick it up on Fri and will take pictures over the weekend of how it looks afterwards when everything is in.

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had a chance to take a few better shots, not going to post a lot of them because really a stock volvo 850 turbo is just that :) I haven't washed it yet mostly because I want to make sure all the odds and ends are done and then after that I'll have a full detail done, but it handles really well, just gotta get those bits listed earlier done and then I'll look into rims or going lower. I also picked up a set of blue led interior bulbs from prezman a while back and they light up the car in a bit more fun way. I may just switch to ultra whites eventually though






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      I purchased a race downpipe for my 04 S60R from Snabb on February 5th. At the time it had a 2-3 week back order time. Knowing this I still ordered. It’s now March 4th, and I have yet to hear anything from them other than the order confirmation. I’ve called 3 times and left messages every time with no response. Has anyone had issues like this before? I’m really debating canceling my order at this point
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      I think the kit may have changed slightly since I ordered mine back in January of 2014, but that looks to be the same one based on the original sales receipt:

      FMK-P2 Ultimate Volvo Intercooler kit-S60-V70
      Turbo/turbo outlet type: K24 Vband - $55.00
      MAP adapter style: 03-09 Late style
      Silicone color: Blue

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