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KONEXIS is a high-tech coating developed from the

space industry.  The hyper-pure ingredient can only be

synthesized in small batches to obtain a 6N purity level.

sounds kinda wierd to me ???

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looks like a film applied over the lights....

you're paying to lose light output.

Nuh uh, they tested it, using a goniophotometer.

"Test was conducted using a goniophotometer with HID headlamp from a 2005 BMW 545i and a halogen headlamp from a 2001 BMW 323i.  Results may vary from car to car."

Someone should try this out, and then let me know how it works, and then maybe I'll try it too.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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It says the difference in light output in not noticable, even the color isn't noticeable, with the lights. It's a coating, so unlike expel, it's completely legal, and tested.

I'm toying around with getting dark green.

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50 bones for tint?

Damn! someone else try this and share your findings PLEASE.


just found this:

and this has a good shot of the dark blue color, I would rock that!:

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