Atp Bov... Doug?


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Well I got my ATP bov.... your not the only one anymore doug... but if you look at that that flange.. that has to be welded on... it is not lined up correctly so it would be mounted semi sideways.... should i call atp up and ask for a new flange? ... also... it came with two springs... i am assuming i can just use the one thats in there?....and also... small horn or large?



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Oh bastard you got the small horn! Thats the one I wanted!!

I had 2 flanges (one got boogered up in shipping) and it lined up perfectly. It's REALLY snug for that last 1/4 turn.

Tell me how you like it, I haven't really got to hear much of mine yet! You *may* have to swap in the other spring mine was to stiff to hear it on the drive around my shop (before the headgasket let loose).


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I just got off the phone with them... he is sending me a new flange and he said I would most likely need to put the other spring in... and that the vacuum port doesnt need to be plugged

kick jerk. Ya I defiently have to switch to the other spring. The nice thing is, the way their BOV is setup, boost helps FORCE it shut vs something like TurboXS where boost can cause the piston to open ;)

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wait its 90* off?

You know to be honest.. I really dont think the screwed on BOV is atp's best idea.

You could use teflon tape (a couple thick passes) to get it to "stop" earlier.

I think if I did it again i'd probably see if they can do a different mounting method.

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