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Danny, Hows the paint on your calipers holding up? I just dropped mine off at the shop this morning to be sprayed (not gold :ph34r: ).

I was on the fence before, but after seeing your calipers in person I couldn't help it. Lol.

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Yep, work is keeping me very busy, so it keeps me pretty wrapped up through out the day. But I'm doing good.

I'm also trying to get a few projects wrapped up with the SR so if I can make it to iPd, my car will be mostly show ready. :)

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Sure did. 607 Cream Yellow with black Brembo decals...

I was gonna hold it back for an iPd reveal but I don't know if I can make it yet, and really don't care that much. Lol.


Here's the low quality cell phone pic from the shop this afternoon...


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Nice! I like the tip o' the cap.

Thanks. I thought i'd be fun to give a little nod to the Yelow T-5R's :)

I tried to do a meet reveal of my brakes years ago, but the paparazzi took a rolling shot of my brakes and posted on here.

Damn, that sucks. Just way too hard to keep secrets. Lol

And since I'm not even trying... B)


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