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  • 2 weeks later...

Holy shit. I just saw she's 1. Can't believe it's already been a year

don't remind me, she's walking, talking, but it's awesome. time is a flying. drove through Calibassass, haha, i'm being lazy to look it up, but was in Cali a month ago for a friends wedding, thought about you. no time to meet though, only there for a day and a half

F'n sweet is right ;) Atom, wish you were back in the forums, miss you fo' sho :tup:

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Congrats to Michelle Miller who is now the 2012 SCCA Solo National Champion in STUL class!

Thanks George. I'm pretty happy right now. There was a vilvo c30 in the rtf. Class btw.

Ill have some video and photos up when we get home. Making our way out of Nebraska now.

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