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Hey guys! It's been a crazy long time. Work and school have me locked down. Just wanted to say that I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to meets coming up in the spring and summer next year when I'll hopefully have more time. IPD feels like ages ago, which stinks. I'l definitely need to get my pegs re-plastidipped before anything as Seattle curbs have been absolute biatches to me of late. Anyways, good tidings to all :)

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This coming from a guy who never posts!

true haha, in all fairness though I'm in VA for months (training for work here til march) driving a rental focus so I'm not really NWC or Volvo related currently, lol.

Hopefully I'll be running my swapped motor with my 50 trim next time you see me! Got it all in the car just need to put the wastegate and exhaust together, then button up the last few parts sitting in the garage, gonna try to finish when I'm home for christmas! And then autocross once I'm back in March (fingers crossed, seems every time I think I'm gonna run something goes wrong, but I'm replacing everything suspension related up from, with new motor and a new trubo so I should be good to go).

Warning to anyone in kitsap, we had 2 blown motors in a month (me and Misfitj03) and thats where George spun his bearings, I think its a curse!

Also I think Carson and I are gonna try to get a meet set up for Christmas time since I'm gonna miss XXX this year.

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