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The old set up was to fwd browsers identifying as a mobile version to the low-fi side of the side. The new set up is sending them to a dedicate mobile version. Keep in mind this means you need to support java on your mobile device.

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I thought java was ok, I know iPhone doest do flash.

Either way, I am a fan of this new version. Looks great on iPhone.

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looks good from my Propel, i can also post now in ad free....excellent

i like the detail shown in ad free but mobile loads so much faster, will probably use ad free most of the time though

will have to see if i can reply to pms now as well...

edit, i cant even read pm's now in ad free cant even see them in mobile hmm i see the drop down menu in ad free but it takes me to the same page im on instead of to messenger when i click it

wonder why....

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