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Sydney Volvo Repairers/Modifiers that i have used

John & Derek Carlton‎ - Excellent customer service and experience for OEM servicing and standard cars. Never consulted for aftermarket/performance modifications/

Combined Auto 618A New Canterbury Rd Hurlstone Park - good for servicing, can also install basic chip tuning for most volvos with OBDII. expect modest hp increases

Fastech Leichardt‎ - Got 3 inch dump and 2.5 inch straight exhaust with magnaflow exhaust. Friendly but no off the shelf volvo stuff. Had to get dump pipe fabricated custom

JEM Ingleburn - About to get MoTeC system installed, cant comment till then. No off the shelf volvo stuff but helpful staff who are very knowledgeable.

Ricol Automotive Peakhurst - About to get Quaife LSD installed, so will update. Staff are friendly and honest. Not really any familiarity with Volvos but confident in their work.

Rick Damelian Prestige - Excellent customer service, had car major service done here, staff are good and service done fast and efficiently.

These are just people i have used personally, will update as i meet new people and see the quality of their staff. If anyone wants i can list some places i would not recommend, and there are a few of them.

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