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Find me some trim bitch. Too many things to do to worry about painting it.

Are you running 850 doors? If so, buy some damn trim off eBay and make it look like an 850 wagon again. I can't stand your 850/v70 Frankenstein wagon! It would look perfect otherwise. And I miss the yellow brakes too :(

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where did the brakes go?

:lol: I had no idea so many people loved them. Ben (BMac) bought them and has since sold them.

I'll probably paint these (black 928 calipers) to red, I don't like black and I miss having red somewhere else on the car.

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Not sure about the look anymore. Paint came out perfect so this might be my cue to move on to a P2. I need powwwaaah but with a touch more subtlety.

Take a better picture dammit!

please :D

i love your car Matt, but something needs to happen with the trim, maybe hit the bottom of the XC bumper white. so only the top is gray.

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Nice 245! Since you have the flat hood/single heads you could get away with the GT fogs-in-grille on that puppy......

I used to be on here a lot about 8 years ago when we had a 95 850 Turbo wagon, then a 96 850R sedan followed by an 01 V70 T5. I just got the car running after 5 years last weekend. It still needs some work, but I'll have it at Carlisle this year.

Here's a closer pic from last Saturday. I switched to LH2.2 after snapping an exhaust manifold stud off in the head. It has a full 3" turbo back exhaust w. Magnaflow cat & muffler, IPD bars, Bilstein struts, Koni adjustables on the rear, IPD panhard bar, unknown brand lowering springs, OMP strut brace, etc...

There are 4 or 5 of us driving up from Va Beach for Carlisle. We're hoping to meet someplace in Northern Va. on Friday & go from there.


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